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Why is it that the most boring of days are sometimes the most rewarding? Another successful trade with TUFXP and a nice reward bagged. I thought I’d do a little update as I’ve had a few emails about the following matter…

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past that I would be running all of my trades through Zulutrade. I’ve had enough time to review the performance of Zulutrade and unfortunately it isn’t going to work for several reasons. As I take many trades with an instant trade instead of the usual market order, the delay (latency) with Zulutrade vastly effects what price the end user would get compared to the price I actually took. Within 2-3 seconds the price can of moved anything upto 10 pips which when scalping 20 pips is a huge amount to miss out on. What also bugs me with Zulutrade is the fact you cannot use it with your live account, all trades have to go through a demo account. Switching from live to demo to live is a tiresome chore and one that really doesn’t need to be carried out. So Zulutrade is out of the picture in terms of mirroring my trades. However,I am still looking into other mirroring sites and will keep everyone posted when/if a solid platform becomes an option.

One thing that has bugged me today is the news out of the UAE today about a royal family member in Abu Dhabi. The son of the late Sheikh Zayed, Issa, was yesterday cleared of all charges of abusing and torturing an Afghani man. Their get out clause? He was apparently drugged and could not be held responsible for his actions! I’m sorry but this really, really struck a raw nerve. Without venting too much, it’s safe to say I think justice certainly has not been served. You can read more here and also see the video here.

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Picking Up Steam

Well it’s been a crazy busy two days and I’m still running at 100 mph now. I tried a little experiment with a longer term trade yesterday using an 80SL and 80 TP. It didn’t work out but I have gained something from it and I’ll keeping an eye on it and paper trading it. That’s the reason for the -65 pips showing on Myfxbook. I had a successful trade on TUFXP on GBPUSD for 25 pips but then slipped up with a 10 pip loss on a trade I meant to cancel but I wasn’t quick enough. Overall though I only dropped 1.75% which really highlights the importance of position sizing and money management. I still see people quoting pips everywhere without regard to position sizing! Anyway, a few people have taken notice on the thread going on FF. 

Today was a much better day with two winning TUFXP trades for 55 pips as I held onto one of them for slightly longer. I’ve got up to 18 trades on Zulutrade so maybe by Friday I’ll hit 30 trades. If you want to signup and follow my performance, you can do so here.

I’ve also been in talks with someone with the idea of helping me getting my trading really moving forward, I should be making an announcement in the next few days, I’m fairly excited about it and it’s a welcome relief. Thankyou to everyone for their continued support.

Head Screwed On.

A disappointing day yesterday on several levels, really. My investor who was hoping to secure some healthy funds unfortunately fell through so again I find myself in a precarious position. I’m hoping Zulutrade or Collective 2 really help me get back on track. I was alerted to Collective 2 by Stevetrade and I’ve signed up and still doing a little research into it, however it looks another decent option alongside Zulutrade. Collective 2 allows the signal provider to set a price instead of the 0.5 pip given by Zulu. I’m going to set it at $150 a month with a free 30 day trial to all new people who sign up.

Myfxbook have brought in some preventive measures to ensure accounts are honest and real. I’ve yet again miss placed the investor password for my recently new account so yet again I’ve had to open another new account and this time I’ve etched the investor password into my brain and computer! So, myfxbook will be fully verified and Zulutrade can begin to pick up and finally get the required 30 trades to show in public.

It’s been a crazy few weeks and I’m hoping for some stability for the last month and then really motor on come the New Year. I’ve nearly finished my London breakout research and it’s definitely looking promising and I’ll be adding it on ASAP. Keep a look out on Zulutrade for me and Collective 2, I’ll keep everyone up to date as I get more information. You can sign up to Zulutrade here.

Dark Days for Dubai

Late last week saw some major, major news from Dubai with DP World asking for a 6 month reprieve from their loan repayments. This has huge ramifications for Dubai and the rest of the Gulf region. They decided to make the announcement after the DFM (Dubai Financial Market) had closed for Eid so the major selling of Bank shares and Construction shares will start tomorrow. I personally think DFM will sink to 1,800 or so from its current 2090 level. It will be very interesting to see. It’s also getting a lot of press worldwide with some reports suggesting that if DP World default, it could bring on a double dip recession; strong words indeed. This is also bad news personally as I have interests in a Geotechnical company that is owed a lot of money from Nakheel which is under the DP World umbrella. Payments are already 6 months late and this latest news is utter heartache. I’ll be watching very closely the next few days.

Forex wise, Friday was very quiet for me, I made a quick 10 pips on the initial plunge on GU but apart from that I was a spectator and a bored one at that. I knocked off early as I wasn’t in the frame of mind to watch sideways movement and I wanted to clear my head. Keeping fresh is extremely important to me and my approach to trading.

I’ve had a fair few emails regarding the Zulutrade setup and thanks to Stevetrade, he’s given me a few more options to look at as we are both aware Zulutrade does have it’s weaknesses. I’ll keep everyone up to date for those who are interested in following my trades. November has seen me have incredible highs and incredible lows, to say it’s been tough would be an understatement. However, I feel I am still moving forward with my learning and trading and hopefully I’ll continue to grow into the New Year.

Busy Bee

Wednesday turned out to be a very busy day with a lot of action in the markets and also with me trying to sort out Zulutrade. I’ve had to stop using the demo account I’ve been running on myfxbook as I never made note of the investor password needed to enable Zulutrade to copy all of my trades. I did plan on just switching between two demo accounts but that turned out to be a real pain and entries were differing between the two. So to keep  Zulutrade as accurate as possible, I’m going to continue to use the demo account which is linked to Zulutrade. I’ll add the account to myfxbook so I can track my progress from the beginning again. It’s a shame to have to stop using the first account as it was beginning to show some percentage gains.

Pip wise, Wednesday wasn’t so good. TUFXP threw up 4 trades and 3 of them ended up being losses! Painful. However, one of them was a rogue trade that I only spotted at the end of trading when I closed my charts and refreshed them. Due to the nature of TUFXP, even the smallest tick change can alter a PTP signal and it’s validity. It was a stern reminder to refresh my charts after a potential setup has formed to eliminate any false trades. Thankfully I managed to claw back 40 pips of the 75 lost using the very method that cost me so dearly last week. It’s ironic that I’ve gone straight back into a winning pattern now that I’m doing it solo again.

My research of Pip Range Charts is going well and I’ve settled on testing a method that I’ve found to be proving very, very handy. I’ve posted a few examples on FF but Pip range charts really aren’t in flavour in the slightest. It’ll be the New Year before I have any worthwhile data but it’s keeping me very interested.

It’s also becoming increasingly clear how much the breakout of the London session affects the New York breakout. London has provided 4 successful trades this week and NY has provided nothing. I’ve almost finished 2009 backtesting and then it’s onto 2008. After that I’ll keep testing until the end of the year and then introduce it in the New Year to help capture some extra pips. This week has obviously been a very good week for breakouts but taking advantage of these weeks are essential.

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in following my trades on Zulutrade, hopefully by early December I’ll have reached the 30 trades required to show on there. I still need to explain how exactly Zulutrade works so I’ll get round to that over the weekend.


A tough day today I thought with no real clear opportunities to make some good pips with plenty of reversals occurring after a smallish move.I have noticed however that the morning breakout is going very well of late and also I’ve spotted that when the London box breaks out, the NY session box tends to be very flat and cause false spikes. The NY breakout method has been very quiet of late with either conflicting slopes or the box breaking out in the wrong direction and the main pairs stumbling and struggling with what appears to be major support and resistance. EURUSD has flirted with 1.5000 the last 3 days and each time it’s shied away and retraced downwards.I’m going to do some backtesting using exactly the same strategy but for the London session then I can get a clearer picture of what is happening overall throughout the day.

I’ve setup my zulutrade account and it will take 30 live trades before my signals start appearing on their site as a valid user. By using Zulutrade, it mirrors all of my trades and then places the exact same trades on anyone’s account who is set to follow my signals. The cost to sign up to Zulu is free and then if you decide to follow an individual, it is a 1 pip charge. 0.5 pip goes to Zulu and 0.5 to the signal provider of whom you’re following. I am also looking at other possibilities as I do have a few issues with Zulutrade but I’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks and into the New Year.