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New Blogger

Yesterday was a massive day in terms of workload and by midnight I was completely exhausted, 18 hr days aren’t such a good idea afterall! A win yesterday for TUFXP pretty early on but interestingly it wouldn’t have been a qualifier using the rules I’m testing. The stochs were indicating oversold and the price literally clipped entry and went all the way to -19 before dropping enough to hit scalp. Maybe that’s an avenue to explore by going in at a much better price and therefore massively increasing risk:reward. A ‘perfect’ setup never occurred so it was a blank day, there have been a couple of days like that from testing it. I managed to get April and May finished and the results are very encouraging. A valid setup came today and whilst if you took the TESS scalp you’d of had +18 (after spread) I didn’t get out as I always make sure I get my +20 after spread so only b/e on this trade.  On this occasion its cost me but hopefully there will be another signal at some point today that I can take advantage of. I’d like to finish the week on a good note after a very dodgy start so I’m hoping the forex gods give me a pass! I’d be interested to hear from users to know whether they take the scalp for +18 or go for 20 after spread. I was speaking to a friend in the trading room and he enters as per TESS so theoretically, he could end up in an invalid trade as TESS goes off bid price, not ask, which makes all the difference when buying. Another example of when looking at backtesting how this would be a questionable trade. When watching live, the 20 EMA was solid green.

Lol, no sooner do I get stopped out at b/e when it rushes all the way back up! Might be telling me something..

I’m pleased to announce that there will be a new blogger joining me on this blog. His name is Graham Coia and has been around the block a few times! He’ll be testing different forex systems independently and giving his findings right here. There will be no affiliate links and rest assured I’m sure he’ll do a great job.