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I must sound like a broken record but it’s been a whirlwind of a Monday already and I feel like I’ve battled a force 10 gale. I didn’t start off particularly well with a loss straight off the bat with TUFXP GG that barely triggered and immediately reversed to the SL. Thankfully a Dubai strategy came to my rescue and got things under control; or so I thought! Whilst setting the TP and SL on the trade, I inadvertently set the TP at 100 pips further away than needed! Just a complete lack of concentration and attention on my behalf and it so very nearly cost me. It made its proper scalp but I was left with an open trade and also a minus position. A tense few hours later, GU finally did decide to break the resistance and I can only thank my lucky stars that GU decided to test that level again. I also made a complete hash of a trade on EJ and it cost me 20 pips which really did annoy me as the trade hadn’t officially triggered. Basically a complete comedy of errors by me. TUFXP GG continues to underperform (broken record again) with 3 losses today and no sign of it returning to form. It will be 3 months since any significant profit has been achieved come the end of the month and I think it might be finally be the final time to knock it on its head. It’s tough knowing when to let a strategy go; do you live in hope it will return to form or cut your losses and run?

Got to try to tighten things up as it could so easily of cost me hundreds of pounds today and that is very alarming. I’ve reprinted my trading plan and I have stuck to the side of one of the monitors so it is always in visual sight.

I had yet another trigger with SNW on Friday afternoon but yet again I was requoted by my broker. I’m going to try a couple of new brokers this week in the hope that I can get filled on these news orders, if not then I’ll have to cancel my monthly subs by the end of the month.

Racing was an up and down weekend also with a booming day on Saturday followed by a miserable day on Sunday but looking back on my stats, an 8% gain on the week was still very pleasing.


Clean Sweep

A little update for the racing fans amongst the few readers…

It was a very good weekend despite the lack of qualifying races for both systems I’m running. Plenty of amateur races on Saturday, Hunter Chases and NH flat races. System 1 went 8/8 over the weekend which pushed it over the 10% profit mark after 25 days.  Strike rate is up at 88% for now, but I expect this to fall to around 86% over the course of the year. I designed it in mind with it being a slow but steady earner and initial results go along with that theory. It certainly isn’t going to set any records alight but slow and steady never hurt anybody and an extra 10-15% a month is mighty fine over the course of a year equating to 400% in that time. Still early days though and the next few months should be interesting.

System 2 recovered very nicely after a blip on Friday where it dropped 4% but then immediately made it back and more on Saturday and a good day today took the weekend to 7/7 and an overall profit of 25% after 17 days. Strike rate is up over 91% and I’m absolutely certain that this will fall back also like system 1 to be around 86-87% over a year.

The beauty of both systems is the staking plan. Maria famously used it to turn £3,000 into £100,000 in a year back in 2005-2006. Maximum exposure is 4% but with the systems I’m running, average exposure has been 3-3.5%. It’s ideal for what I’m doing and hopefully something good can come of both systems.

I’m just hoping that the racing form can transfer to my trading this week.