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Bigger is better?

Well a successful return to trading yesterday with a healthy 4.5% gain on the day. It was very pleasing to get a winning start under my belt especially so with Cash-master now recording all results. I’ve decided to make a very small investment in a domain name and the blog can now be reached at The old address will still work and it will simply re-direct you to the new name. One of the benefits of using a private domain is the ability to have a private email address and I can now be reached at if you have any queries regarding Forex. Don’t forget to use the poll and cast your vote for your weakest area of trading. The more votes the better.

Something non Forex related- The World’s tallest tower finally opened yesterday with a sudden name change to Burj Khalifa from Burj Dubai. No reason was given but I fancy it might be something to do with the fact Abu Dhabi bailed Dubai out for $10 billion over the Holiday period. Sheikh Khalifa is President of the UAE and head of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi. I’m looking forward to going to the Burj to see some spectacular views. It truly is a monster of a building a pretty cool one at that.

Anyway, back to Forex; TUFXP continues to impress and whilst it seems a lot of other people have given up on it, I am 100% behind it. There should be some interesting developments over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled..

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