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Jittery Nerves

Today was a slightly frustrating one in the sense that pips were definitely left behind in the market. My trading room was pretty busy this morning and almost immediately after 10:00 GMT, a trade looked likely to form. In my haste to make my pending trade aware to other people in the room, I set the wrong entry for my trade. This hasn’t happened before but neither have I been trying to place a trade and announce a trade. I had the entry 3 pips to low and those 3 pips were the difference between a loss and a win. Whilst it was very frustrating, it also settled my nerves. I now know the process of calling trades and keeping people up to date with pending orders. I did manage to redeem myself with a winning trade on EURUSD for +14. I decided to close this early as I wasn’t particularly happy with the way EU was resisting to go higher, everyone in the room managed to close for at least 12.5 pips, some 13 pips. It turned out to be a good call as the highest it went to was +14.7, 0.3 short of full scalp. This is the beauty of having a live trading room as I can manage my trade with other people and make them aware of reasons behind my thought process. So a breakeven day on my new method but it could have been a lot better, but I am a patient and disciplined person, I will not chase the market, I’ll wait for the market to come to me. I am compiling a nice Q&A for everyone who joins my trading room and with the help of everyone already there, it should help newcomers settle in quickly. 

TUFXP decided to play ball and again GBPUSD gained +28 pips ( 3 better entry). It transpired that not everyone got the corresponding signal and shortly afterwards, IQFeed went down yet again for over 23 minutes. My constant emailing to IQFeed has managed to bring about a new feed though, one which I can use when FXCM feed goes down, so at least I am getting some return on my $80 feed. TUFXP themselves though have still yet to reply, even after 5 emails regarding this matter. A truly shocking display of customer support.

I’ll add my trade management post sometime tomorrow.

Wednesday Review

Well I think I know why I was feeling so flat yesterday as I’ve been under the weather with a stomach bug all day. After a terrible night’s sleep I wasn’t too sure if trading was a good idea but as I couldn’t sleep I thought I’d gently ease my way into work. Trading my MA crossover method ( I’ll put this into the strategies page over the next few days) got me off to a good start with 35 pips within two hrs of the start of my day. This certainly brightened up my spirits and when the markets went very quiet for the next few hrs I decided to have a little lie down and got up in time for the ADP NFP. It turned out to be a bit of a wet blanket with GU still firmly stuck in it’s tight range and my hedge trade left me with a small loss of 5 pips.

IQFeed yet again had an outage on TUFXP and this is fast becoming a joke. Complaining to TUFXP is a waste of time as they simply palm me off to IQFeed as it’s their feed. However my main issue is with TUFXP refusing to have an alternative feed, I guess the commissions must be really good! Before the ISM release at 1500 GMT there was a short signal at 1.6507 on GU. The news sent GU low enough to trigger the sell but as of late I’ve been entering all of my TUFXP trades manually and I especially thought this would be wise considering the ISM release spiked in both directions last month and has done on previous occasions also. Thankfully I didn’t enter the trade at any point and I saved myself 25 pips. Sometimes luck is better than skill!

I’m looking forward to the FOMC statement later this evening and fingers crossed I can finish the day off on a positive trade. Tomorrow offers up UK BOE rate and statement and a choc full day of high impact releases.


IQFeed issues

Hi all,

I was wondering if any readers are using IQFeed? I have to as my TUFXP software is tied in with IQFeed which means I have the fortune of paying $80 a month for a sub standard service that has dropped 3 times in a little over a week. This causes a major issue for me due to my signals being generated over the previous 24hrs. A huge gap in data gives unreliable signals.

This isn’t limited to TUFXP users so please, if you are using IQFeed, I’d appreciate hearing from you as I’m currently trying to organise a letter of complaint with a lot of people behind me and with valid users who are also deeply unhappy with the quality of the service.