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It’s certainly been an eventful morning already! I was in a trade around 90 minutes before the UK data was due out and I was hoping I would either be out for a profit or a loss before the news hit. Unfortunately, GU went very quiet in anticipation of the news and I was left with an open trade come news time. I was short and I had a plan to take a hedge position for a slightly smaller lot size just incase the news hurt the short position. I didn’t take that trade as I felt it was breaking my own rules which I’ve been determined to keep to this month.  GU absolutely bolted up on the better than expected news and my broker duly slipped me 20 pips for my troubles on my short SL. -50 and feeling slightly peeved! Thankfully I kept my composure and managed to ride the after spike nicely for a 50 pip profit using my new strategy. The TUFXP GG method got off to a flyer on Monday but let most of those gains slip away yesterday which seems to be the norm of late. Almost like 1 step forward, 2 back.  It’s a real shame also to see the total lack of activity on Forextestube, it was a thriving community not long ago but almost all participants have quit using TUFXP or moved onto new things. Days sure are slow when you’ve got no one to chat to. My trading room is also pretty quiet but Les always gives me some value early in the mornings! 😉

Racing went very well yesterday with some nice short priced horses beaten and a solid gain of 2.1% on system 1 and 3.8% on system 2. Selections are thin on the ground today for system 2 and the few that are selections certainly trouble me as I can easily see them winning. We’ll see how they go anyway.

My next post will be about a piece of forex software I’ve been trialling the last few weeks, I had great expectations for it but so far I’ve been very disappointed…