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Bloody and bruised

I have to say I’m incredibly pleased to see the back of this week trading wise as it’s been absolute torture and unbelievably frustrating. My Dubai strategies suffered a bad week this week with not a lot going right for the trades and as soon as they were triggered on GBPUSD they generally retraced almost immediately to the stop-loss. I’ve not seen GBPUSD be so twitchy in a long time. Whilst I’m a little downbeat with the results, I do know that these things can happen and I’m sure it’ll happen again and it might even be next week! The key is to stay relaxed and smooth and stick with the plan and just let the markets play out. However, I have noticed a very particular pattern this week with several of the losers and it’s something I’ll be keeping a very close eye on to improve efficiency. You can keep up with results here.

So a disappointing week but I’m already looking forward to renewing my battle with the markets come Monday. My thirst and desire to improve is growing daily and I’m deeply enjoying the challenges that I come up against despite when I come out with a bloody nose so to speak.

Just a little reminder for those who have purchased either of my e-books about the offer of receiving your investment back by writing a trading article before 31st January.

Well I’m signing off for the weekend as my dog has again managed to chew my power cord for my laptop so time is limited! If anyone has any tips to stop a demented dog chewing everything in sight, suggestions are welcome! Oh and I thoroughly recommend the new Guy Ritchie movie, Sherlock Holmes.