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Why is it that the most boring of days are sometimes the most rewarding? Another successful trade with TUFXP and a nice reward bagged. I thought I’d do a little update as I’ve had a few emails about the following matter…

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past that I would be running all of my trades through Zulutrade. I’ve had enough time to review the performance of Zulutrade and unfortunately it isn’t going to work for several reasons. As I take many trades with an instant trade instead of the usual market order, the delay (latency) with Zulutrade vastly effects what price the end user would get compared to the price I actually took. Within 2-3 seconds the price can of moved anything upto 10 pips which when scalping 20 pips is a huge amount to miss out on. What also bugs me with Zulutrade is the fact you cannot use it with your live account, all trades have to go through a demo account. Switching from live to demo to live is a tiresome chore and one that really doesn’t need to be carried out. So Zulutrade is out of the picture in terms of mirroring my trades. However,I am still looking into other mirroring sites and will keep everyone posted when/if a solid platform becomes an option.

One thing that has bugged me today is the news out of the UAE today about a royal family member in Abu Dhabi. The son of the late Sheikh Zayed, Issa, was yesterday cleared of all charges of abusing and torturing an Afghani man. Their get out clause? He was apparently drugged and could not be held responsible for his actions! I’m sorry but this really, really struck a raw nerve. Without venting too much, it’s safe to say I think justice certainly has not been served. You can read more here and also see the video here.

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