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First Week Over

Another week is wrapped up and my first full week trading in Australia. Some things don’t change such as how fast the week goes when trading!

CM doesn’t trade on NFP Fridays but I personally find them to be a profitable day if you can be done and dusted before a few hrs of release and then once the news has settled in, a significant trend usually forms. My first trade was a loss with TUFXP for 26 pips and I had to wait several hrs before my next trade which thankfully won, so a small loss of 6 pips for TUFXP yesterday.

One thing that has been troubling me is to which strategies to trade as I believe I have at least 4 profitable strategies now.  I have decided upon 2 strategies for my main bank and I will dedicate a 2nd bank for the other 2 in due course. One thing I did learn from my previous run was that trading all strategies on one bank isn’t ideal.

I got an excellent email from a friend regarding trading and I’ll expand on that on my next post but for the moment I’ll leave it here as I’ve got the house to myself for the first time this week and I’m going to take advantage of some P and Q.

Hope you’ve had a profitable week and have an enjoyable weekend.


Well after what seems an eternity, I am back trading live. I was going to start yesterday but a look at the Forexfactory calender saved my bacon as UK and US were both enjoying bank holidays. It’s been a very frustrating period but I’m glad to be back trading and it felt good to get the first win under my belt. I also sold 2 e-books this weekend which was a very pleasant surprise. As it’s nearly 6 months since the initial release, I’m in the process of updating it and adding in a further strategy in place of one of the originals. All members will be receiving this update within the next couple of weeks.

What I do not want to happen is the sheer cliffs of last time, I want to keep draw-down to a relatively reasonable level and avoid the severe swings I was enduring.  A look back over my previous stats showed a loss of over 500 pips in unnecessary trades that were not part of any strategy other than greed and bad discipline. I’ve setup anoher Myfxbook page which I’ll add to the blog in the next fewdays. I have daily reminders to keep things simple and I plan on doing just that.

Here we go then!


Normal service resumed today with TUFXP and whilst conversing with CM yesterday about his dubious winner, it did appear that we occasionally get different signals. He didn’t have the PTP on the 15th April that I did. It was still a bit deceiving to declare a trade pre 6am as within TESS you can set the start times and they appear as a green line. I have mine set to not show PTPs outside of trading hrs so whilst it was a winner it certainly didn’t fit the criteria I’ve been following. Anyway, a solid win today that recouped some of the lost pips yesterday.

My own particular Dubai Strategies are going through a mixed patch. One is doing well whilst the other is treading water, it’s neither performing terribly or well. At least one of them is still going well despite the trades being fairly rare of late. Overall I’m pleased with how my portfolio is looking, the usual downside being my discipline and trade management. It’s getting there but it is a desperate battle to stop myself from over trading. I am my own worst enemy by trying to hit a homerun everyday and as a friend mentioned, this attitude will lead to failure eventually. Slow and steady wins the day not sporadic mammoth days followed by mammoth losses.

Last few days now left for me in Dubai and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my time here, I came here as a young 20-year-old without a care in the world and leave a married man and a  father to a beautiful girl and a whole heap of responsibilities. Time for the next chapter..


Yesterday turned into a nightmare. I can hear the groans already! Whilst I was content with my early +20 I did have one other trade and what should have been an elementary win turned into a farcical loss and a big loss. An errant lack of concentration when placing my stop cost me dearly. Without going into further drama I completely messed up the TP and SL levels and ended up taking myself out for -40 instead of a +20 win. I also failed to cancel a pending trade from much earlier in the day as I rarely have the terminal showing within MT4 as I like to keep as much space free for the graphs. It just touched the entry and spiralled to a loss for another -30. This all happened whilst I left to go and do some grocery shopping for literally 30-45 minutes and the shock when I came back was unreal. Needless to say I was pissed and went about trying to rectify it and make back the losses immediately. A further loss ensued and I was staring into the abyss before some sense got into me and I took a step back and evaluated things.

Mistakes can and will happen but it isn’t the first time I’ve got my SL wrong and more care and attention is clearly needed and I’ll be looking to do just that when I’ve completed the move to Australia. A couple of strong trades today have eliminated yesterday’s disaster and even a small profit. TUFXP hit the mark again today but took a little longer than usual to signal a trade. Very, very early days yet but I think this could be a decent replacement for my old TUFXP method. What is worth mentioning however is the fact that it is 99% identical to ATM-FX which costs 1/10th of the price. Unless you can find other uses for TUFXP which at the moment I do then I really can’t see the advantage of paying an extra £1,900 for the software. Sure it’s helpful having a nice little circle but with practice ATM-FX could equally become second nature and a few programmers could probably even organise an indicator to highlight a trade.

A quick note: It appears I’m using a different MA to CM. I emailed him last week asking which MA he’s using and he said standard which he thought was 20. I’ve tried various settings and I was briefly on 8 but now switched to 20 and looking at today, they appear to match. If anyone knows for sure if it’s 20 then it would be good to hear from you.

Moving On

Time is rapidly counting down to leaving Dubai and I’m looking at leaving at the beginning of May. I’ve had to renew my passport so as soon as that is ready, it’s goodbye Dubai, hello Gold Coast.

It was nice then to get off to a good start and it means I can plot my course carefully today as TUFXP signalled an early winner. It’s a feast of economic news releases this week so fingers crossed I can get some action out of SNW. There are roughly 9 reports worth trading and I’ll be disappointed if at least 1 or 2 don’t provide action.

I’m going to pack the racing on the head for now as the time difference in Australia will be +9 hrs which means racing won’t be getting underway until gone 11 PM which is just to late in the day for me.  Trading will be a little out of sync also with me starting at 3pm local time and hopefully finishing by 9-10pm. At least it means I can get jobs done early in the day and then be ready for trading in the afternoon.

Well, I’ve got boxes to pack and things to sell so I best get to it.

Thousand Things

I haven’t had too much time to trade this week with a lot going on trying to get everything organized for the move next month. My head is in a thousand places and it’s difficult to concentrate and it showed on Tuesday. A complete wash-out and a very disappointing result but Wednesday and today have seen my target met so I’ve quit whilst I’m ahead. I’m taking the dog to the vet this afternoon to get her rabies test done and a few other vaccinations that are required to be legible to enter Australia.

Amongst the list to do is to renew passport, organize garage sale, storage for items that we’re keeping and shipping, find a foster home for the dog and cats, the list just goes on and on!

I’ve noticed Cash-master is a running a trial of the upgraded The Ultimate Forex Predictor so I’ve decided I’ll run the same test following exactly his rules. My one hesitation is that the stop is always larger than the scalp meaning two losses and stopping will probably take 3-4 wins to recover. Anyway, should be an interesting comparison. I’m surprised he doesn’t use the pivot points available as I do actually find they are incredibly useful for exiting a trade or using as a guide to placing your stop-loss.

Lost It

I’ve been pretty quiet the last few days as I’ve been quietly going about my business until yesterday arrived. Things were going swimmingly with a steady gain in the early part of the morning and I was pleased with my days work as I knew I’d be looking after my daughter in the afternoon. We hit the mall, had a great time and when I got home I wanted to try SNW out on the US news. I was an hour early so fired up TUFXP. Massive, massive mistake.

I’ve said I’d be dropping the GG method at the end of the month and I so wish it was sooner. Monday gave two losers and Tuesday was a blank. So yesterday was a chance to gain back some losses. It proceeded to fire off 6 straight losers, 4 on GU and 2 on EJ. I took 4 of them as one after the other triggered and almost immediately retraced. This insanity has to stop, as I am blowing all chance of making decent gains by being stubborn and not letting go of a losing method. I refuse to waste any more energy and heartache on such crap. I will continue to use TUFXP but in a completely different manner and this morning was a fresh start and a clean 20 pips made using the new method I’ve been meaning to get stuck into for months.

I am stumped as to why the GG method has ceased to work but 8 straight losers when the risk:reward is only 1:1 just isn’t good enough and no amount of money management can turn it around. I’ll contiunue to track results as it’s been a massive part of my trading for the last year and old habits die-hard of keeping meticulous records.

Australian retail sales hit my trigger with SNW but another no fill meant a very good opportunity was missed but from reading various other SNW users comments, they also didn’t get filled so at least it isn’t just me. 3 more news releases left in the week with the obvious big one being NFP.

I am crushed this month has been ruined by 1 hr of mentalist work but I will fight on and try to move onwards and upwards.