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Back to Business..

So it’s finally back to business after nearly three weeks off and it’s good to be back to work as I am extremely excited by what lies ahead. To say this will be my biggest year is an understatement and whilst there is a certain degree of pressure on me, I like to think that I can perform under these conditions and I hope my dreams can be realised. Today sees the start of the ‘live’ testing of my strategies that Cash-master is trialling and that’s certainly something to keep an eye on over the next 4 weeks of testing. All results will be blogged here.

I always like to set some short term and long term goals at the start of a New Year and as this will be my first full year with Forex, I am a little unsure what to expect! Short term I would like to see 50% a month growth. Whilst I know this figure causes a lot of discussion on FF, I firmly believe it’s a realistic target. With the correct money management and the strategies I’ve moulded to suit me, I am confident this figure can be hit month in, month out. Long term I want to return to the financial stability I had before the last quarter of 2009 and maybe look at moving to Australia so my Wife is closer to her family and friends. I’ve been in Dubai for nearly 6 years and whilst I still enjoy my time here, it certainly doesn’t hold the same charm as it once used to. A change of country might be a perfect opportunity to really knuckle down and focus on what needs to be done.

2010 here I come..