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I received two very contrasting comments yesterday, one left here and the other via email. Both of them had an effect on me and I’ve certainly given them a thought or three. Jon said that I shouldn’t be live trading yet alone trying to sell a Forex e-book due to crazy drawdown and risk sizing etc. Yes,I can see his point but I have always made it clear that I am trading TUFXP and my strategies together and using my own risk management. In my e-book I advise no more than 3% risk and as it’s been tested for the best part of 5 weeks by Cash-master blog, the results are encouraging. I’ll continue to update them monthly even when the trial has finished. I understand there is a reflection in my trading in my e-book but that shouldn’t take away from what is I believe, a good solid foundation for Forex strategies.

Just before I went to bed I thought I’d check my emails and found a very sincere and honest email from Andy. I’ll paste his email below:

Hi John!

Been reading your blog everyday recently – really sorry to hear about the tough days you’ve endured recently¬† – especially yesterday. Be glad if I had five quid for every time I’ve felt like you obviously do after doing something really daft myself – I know that ‘gutted’ feeling all too well.

However, the reason for writing is just to say thank you for your honesty in these recent blogs – it’s never easy to confess your mistakes to the world but, as far as I am concerned, it’s refreshing to know there are other fallible human beings out there making the same mistakes who, nevertheless, hang on in there and don’t give up.

Good on you sir – may you soon succeed beyond your dreams…

It was a welcome sign of friendliness and understanding and I’m glad to have some great readers. The whole point of this blog is to help me along my journey of mastering these incredibly tough markets and if I have a bad day I certainly want to express my disappointment and frustration. I am human and will always make mistakes but if I can learn one thing from them then I consider it a lesson learned.

So thank you to Andy and Jon for some thought-provoking comments, I appreciate it.

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