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Monday Blues

Despite getting off to a good start to the week I can’t help but feel a little down at the moment. I can’t really put my finger on it except I guess it’s just Monday Blues! It’s not always the wisest ideas to trade when feeling less than 100% about things but the beauty of operating some manual strategies is that the thought process is taken away for me.

Blog numbers hit over 2,100 views for last week so a big thank you to everyone who visited, although I can’t help but wonder if most were just idle curiosity as my poll is struggling to pass the 50 votes barrier! lol. It certainly sharpens my attention when you know quite a few people stop by to have a read.

Let’s hope this week is a little more civilised than last week and as mentioned, at least Monday has gotten off to a nice start. I’ve got a decent little correlation sheet I’d like to share with everyone in the next couple of days, so when I’ve written a short piece on how correlation can be important to traders and how they use it to identify possible trades I’ll throw it in. The itch to keep finding new and profitable strategies continues and whilst I take a lot of care in choosing strategies, I feel it helps enormously by reading a lot of material covering several bases and almost picking the best bits and putting them into one all round strategy. I’ve been asked a few times if the Holy Grail exists and to be honest I genuinely believe it does.  Of course my idea of the Holy Grail will differ vastly from the next person but if I can safely produce 30-60% growth a month then to me that is the Holy Grail. Producing solid numbers like that is my ideal goal and I’d be as happy as pig in muck if I can continue my past rate of performance and carry it forward. However, to be a profitable trader requires extremely good discipline, patience and the ability to learn from mistakes. There really isn’t such a thing as a free lunch.

I’m rambling so I’ll finish things here for now..

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