I’ve finally managed to track down where my bank stuff has been sent and its to the wrong address! At least I’ll be fully ready for trading on Monday. Friday was a good day for TUFXP with a win on GBPUSD and an interesting day on the FTSE. The first trade lost for the maximum -35 but then fired in 2 winners to end the day up +5. With the FTSE future only being a 2 pip spread, it looks a decent proposition.

A few interesting comments regarding the new TUFXP method and thanks to those that left comments. It will certainly be an interesting few months to see if it can keep up this stellar performance. I wonder if all those people who flogged their TUFXP for cheap money will be regretting it? My own TUFXP methods that I created last year continue to do well and I have a firm grasp on what I want to trade now and will stick with it.

There must be something in the water here in Australia because it seems I can’t stay up past 10pm! In Dubai I was getting up at 6.30am and regularly staying up til midnight or 1am and not feeling any ill effects but ever since moving here I’m exhausted come 10 pm. Perhaps it’s having to keep track of my nutter of a daughter who has energy to burn in the bucket loads! I think with it going dark so early doesn’t help either, 5.15pm! Wow, that must be the most boring paragraph ever, time to move on..

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