Not so sweet

As was the case last time I experienced a good winning run, it came crashing to an end today with a double loss for 63 pips. It’s always disappointing to lose but I am currently taking it in my stride and have put it to back of my mind. Today was also the first day my filters came off worse than the standard TUFXP method. A slightly dodgy long was signalled shortly after 6AM and never troubled the judge and went down the pan.

The 50 SMA was dithering and only just turned blue upon entry so maybe that is something to note for the future.

The next valid trade was interesting in the sense it seemed I was the only one to get the signal live, the other UK users had to refresh to get the PTP. It wasn’t valid for me as stochs were in the oversold area but still managed to win.

Another sell popped up and everything lined up so I took it with confidence and in a sense I kind of messed the trade up. It officially hit TESS scalp but didn’t cover spread, it is the absolute pits when that happens but unfortunately they do crop up from time to time. In hindsight maybe I should have moved my stop to breakeven but I genuinely thought it would re-test it at least. So not the best of starts to July but I’m sure there will be plenty of good days ahead.

Oh and for the totals for June using standard method with 100% fixed stop and max SL of 35, I made the totals +190 after spread and for the filter method a total of +279 after spread.

    • Julie
    • July 1st, 2010

    Sat it out today,didn’t like PA. Still no signals this afternoon.
    John, do you trade nfp? I’m not sure,last 3 nfp fridays have been a loss with 1st signal…

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes i trade NFP. You should join our trading room, you seem excellent at avoiding the losers! It’ll be fun, two girls already there.

    • julie
    • July 1st, 2010

    I also miss winners! How does a trading room work? I do have skype. I am sti..ll very new to this,only trading since March.The first long did look dodgy,watched it fail,by then missed the shorts…..better than a loss though.
    Think she may have gone up today ready for a fall?
    Bank holiday in US Monday too,

    • marco
    • July 2nd, 2010

    I will be taking mid july to september holliday and a rest from trading.Therefore i will come into the trading room in september
    Julie, what critera do you work by to stay out of trades?

    • Hi Marco,

      Enjoy your hol, hope you’ve had a good spell also.

      Speak soon.

    • Adam
    • July 2nd, 2010

    Hi, been scanning for a page where ppl have know a bit of what they do, anyways, VERY new to FX, is there any idea to buy TUFXP or should i just start out with the Dubai strategyad a newbie..?

    Regards Adam

    • Hi adam,

      TUFXP is an expensive piece of software and I’d say it’s better to learn the basics first.

      Use the links on my blog to navigate to learner sites such as It provides step-by-step chapters on learning forex and is easy to digest.

      If you’d like to buy my e-book, of course I’d be delighted but I am not a scammer and I’d recommend learning a few basics first.

      Hope that helps.

    • julie
    • July 2nd, 2010

    Hi Marco, I think probaly luck! I look at overnight high/low & also have 10 & 15 min charts open to see if while waiting for entry there is a signal on another chart. Have also been watching the stochs too. I have only just started out so I’m probably over cautious,missing winners too.
    Enjoy your holiday

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