Off and running

Well a new week is already under way and a nice winning start to the week. It was a nice little trade and I managed to get out for +23 instead of the usual +20 as I entered 3 better. When the trade originally triggered, the stochs were crossing. However, when the candle pulled back, they were no longer crossing. One of the few disadvantages of using a slightly lagging indicator I suppose. Given they were crossing in real-time when the PTP triggered, I decided it would class as a qualified trade. Thankfully, the next few candles confirmed the stochs and the trade was definitely on. It’s always nice to get the win out-of-the-way on a Monday and really makes the week more enjoyable as you’re not playing catch-up from the word go.

Disappointed with the football result but not a massive football fan so won’t waste too much sleep on it! However, did you see Webber’s crash? Slap me sideways, that was a massive shunt and could so easily have ended in tears, luckily he walked away with nothing more than a sore head.

The reason for the poll about the TUFXP EA is that I am currently working with two programmers who feel confident enough that they can produce a working EA based on TUFXP signals. It’s still very much in the early stages and will take a few weeks to work on but we’re all hopeful of something positive coming from it. I’ve 99% completed my update of my e-book also so everyone who asked for the updated version should receive it in the next day or so. A couple of independent websites have picked it up (I’m not sure how) and have asked for copies so they can run some live testing which I’m more than happy to do as it will generate a lol of free publicity to the blog!

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