Great Week

A sixth straight win for TUFXP today but it certainly wasn’t easy work. Entry was 10 pips beneath the monthly high and it tested it several times before dipping right down to minus 21 pips. TUFXP also went a little mental giving PTPs everywhere! I nearly took the first short but wanted to keep to the rules and avoid being in more than 1 trade at once.

There’s been some good discussion as to which is the best method to trade TUFXP and several contributors have various ideas. I’ll try to summarise those in the next few days…

The scalp method wasn’t so hot today, I took 3 losers and 5 wins for a small loss of 0.5%, I picked a few bad entries and also missed a couple of good ones but that’s why it’s so important to trade live, even if on tiny amounts as on demo you can easily say ‘oh, I’d of taken that live’. It certainly requires a lot of attention and I can see the disadvantages but I also think it still has some merit to it.

Anyway, I’m off for some Pizza, absolutely starving! I hope everyone has had a good week.

    • Dawn
    • June 18th, 2010

    Yes, it was rather a stressful trade, wasnt it!! How great that it went on to be a winner. Look forward to reading your summary, thanks for all that you’re doing. Marco’s method also seems brilliant, I’ve tried holding some trades this week and have got on so much better, thanks Marco.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Glad you’ve had a good week, let’s hope we can round off a fairly good month with a good week next week!

    • mike
    • June 18th, 2010

    ive not had as good week as you but still in profit.

    Monday missed the entry so no trade
    and thursday i got stopped out by IG index for -30

    but still +30 for the month


    • Hi Mike,

      Makes a massive difference if you miss a winner then a winner is actually a loser. I’m showing +110 for the month after 2 pips of spread on the losses. But I did miss a loser last week when my charts weren’t showing any PTPs.

    • Steve
    • June 18th, 2010

    Third Friday of the month? Isn’t that a “No Trade” day according to Graham? I notice that he has recorded it as a winner anyway!

    • mike
    • June 18th, 2010

    Steve :
    Third Friday of the month? Isn’t that a “No Trade” day according to Graham? I notice that he has recorded it as a winner anyway!

    its first friday of the month – Non farm payroll data

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