Long Weekend

A few days since I last posted but it’s been an enjoyable weekend with plenty of sporting action which I love. Friday finished well with TUFXP grinding out a hard fought win with just the one trade which was nice as most of the week had been an uphill struggle. A losing week though for TUFXP and hopefully it can claw it back this week and it made good inroads today with an ‘easy’ win. However, after speaking with a friend in my small trading room, it appeared he missed the entry which was a shame. He raised a good point about paper trading and live trading. Anyone who opens up their chart to have a look will see an easy win but as entry was so close after the signal, it made it difficult to get a proper order placed. On my broker, a stop-order has to be 5 pips away from the current price so I had to go in 3 pips worse than I wanted. I do on occasions wait for a retrace as is often the case with TUFXP trades, the price can retrace into a loss and allow a better entry.

There was a fantastic response to my last post and thanks to everyone who commented, it made for interesting reading and several readers have done sterling work and made some great suggestions, so thank you to those people who are trying to help others.

I had a fantastic weekend with Formula 1 and Le Mans being on TV and it was an action packed weekend all round, my Wife is trying her hardest to convert me to AFL (Aussie Rules) but I think it’ll take a while! Anyway, a few things to do today, our shipping still hasn’t left Dubai so it’s time to get some answers!

    • julie
    • June 14th, 2010

    Hi John
    My ticket didnt get filled & I had to go in later,luckily I still made it, as it carried on all day!
    I love watching the GP too,great result for the brits & an exciting race.
    Hope we all have a good week

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