It’s been a bit of a bumpy start to the week for TUFXP with a loss this morning for the maximum amount. I think maybe in the past I would have panicked and looked for trades that weren’t there and whilst I did wonder if the good run is finally over, I dismissed it and went downstairs for some dinner and a break. Two winners got the day back on an even keel and a small profit.

As I mentioned the other day, it is tricky deciding what to trade on my main account. I’m more than happy with my current setup and believe I have the right mixture to ensure success and a modest level of drawdown. It’s also been very enlightening and interesting reading over my e-book which I’m updating. A key point of the e-book is money management and it was nice to get a refresh and remind myself of some good basics.

Without wanting to go too far off the beaten track, life is certainly different for me here. I am very much an animal person and I miss my pets enormously everyday and at times it really gets me down. I’m having a lot of trouble with getting my dog fostered in Dubai whilst she waits for the quarantine period to pass to enter Australia. It’s also hideously expensive! Around $5,000 Aus dollars to bring her over with all the necessary vaccinations and 30 days in quarantine when she arrives. It’s causing a little rift between my Wife and I but I refuse to budge on something so close to me. Call it whatever you want but I feel I am a different person with my dog around and I won’t be fully settled until she arrives. Think I’ve rambled on enough for one day so I’ll sign off here. Hope you like the new theme! I’m still unsure..

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