Blind Luck

An interesting day with TUFXP so far. I just quickly checked CM’s blog and see he’s out for -60 pips. I had the same losing first trade but can’t understand why he didn’t take the 3rd buy PTP at 9:50 AM? The same bar stopped out the first trade so to me it was a valid trade. Whilst typing this, I’ve found something very weird within TESS. CM had a losing afternoon trade. This operates from 1PM-4PM UK time which is 10PM-1AM where I am. I use the trading times within TESS merely for illustration purposes and clarity. Look at the following screenshots. The first one shows it starting at 10PM and designed to finish at 1AM. As you can see, no PTPs appear despite the trading times being correct:

I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any PTPs. I opened up a new TESS with no time restrictions and bizarrely it appeared. I then adjusted the end time to before 23:59. It then appears:

So it appears TESS doesn’t like it when trying to roll onto a new day. Thankfully it seems I’ve missed a losing trade and saved myself some pips! It’s certainly nice to get some luck on my side and despite it still being a small losing day for TUFXP, I’m feeling okay. My eyes are practically falling out of their sockets now so I best get some sleep!

    • Dawn
    • June 7th, 2010

    Hi J0hn,
    Glad you’ve had a lucky day for a change! Sadly I didn’t and got stung by the only 2 losing trades of the day, while the other 8 were all winners! Never mind, I can’t complain, have been doing very well lately. Just hope the rest of the week will be good to pay for today’s losses!
    Good luck to us all using this system!

    • Hi Dawn,
      Did you not get the winner just before 10 am? Sorry to hear about your losses, hopefully as you say, the rest of the week can pick up the pieces.

    • Dawn
    • June 8th, 2010

    No, I didn’t get the winner just before 10 because CM told me not to have 2 trades going at once – even though as you say, the same bar that qualified that trade also stopped out the losing first trade. Today is bad too, even though all my instincts were telling me not to enter that trade with the DP just 10 points below! Don’t like how the markets are at the moment!!!

    • Tell me about it! The trade this morning was utter crap. Entry right on recent low and DP right beneath, would have taken a big move to push through. I guess that’s one of the problems with mechanical systems. It’s making this week rather ugly..

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