Dark Side

It’s been an interesting couple of days for several reasons. Yesterday was a very, very long day. My Wife has found part-time work which means I babysit our daughter 3/4 days a week. I absolutely adore her to pieces but waking up at 6am most days and having to keep her occupied all day and then try to trade certainly isn’t easy. I let the stress get to me yesterday with a severe lack of patience. TUFXP didn’t fire any trades for a couple of hrs and ideally, I wanted to be done and dusted early. I opened up my FTSE chart and decided to trade it. You can guess the outcome already…! It was a classic rush of blood to the head and couldn’t have ended any worse.  I then setup another nonsense trade but pulled myself together and cancelled it. I managed to block out the thoughts of making it back quickly and just accepted that I made a silly error and that it would simply take 3 days to recover the loss incurred. So there were two things to come out of yesterday; when rushed and stressed, it seems I still want to stray from the plan. But more importantly, I managed to get myself in check and stop any further damage.

Today was bliss in comparison and a quick 20 pips within an hr of starting and I’m all done for today. I’m in for the long haul so getting over yesterday is massively important.

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