Over the weekend I was doing some research on rebates offered with trading. It had caught my attention a while ago but slipped my memory to pursue further. As I’m starting fresh with a new account, I thought it’d be an ideal time to look into it. A search through google and Forexpeacearmy was a good starting point and all arrows pointed to Cashbackforex. They offer rebates on your trades if you open an account through any of their links. Thankfully the broker I want was on their list and although it’s been a bit of a nightmare getting the finer details sorted, I am now set to earn some cash back on my trades. I did some number crunching from my previous acc and I’ve missed out on something like $10,000 since I began trading! Obviously, the more you trade and the higher lots you trade, the more you can earn back. There seems to be a bit of skepticism around these sorts of things but having done my homework I’m happy enough with using this particular company and no harm in trying. They don’t have access to my account so no sinister can happen in that sense. I’ll wait and see what happens when ‘payday’ rolls round.

As it turned out, missing today was a blessing as TUFXP bowed out with 2 losses, although the 2nd could be a winner depending on entry. Good to see Cash-master keeping it nice and honest.

So, I’ll be diving in tomorrow, and fingers crossed for a good day. I’m continuing to track my FTSE trades and another good day had.

    • Andy
    • May 24th, 2010

    Hi ther, glad to see you seem to be in better spirits, long may it continue.

    Can you let me have details fo your FTSE trading please as it would be nice to practice with that.

    Also, dont forget to take time out and “throw a few shrimps on the barbie every now n again mi old cobber”!!

    Cheers mate


    • marco
    • May 24th, 2010

    First one was a break even for me second a winner +27.What my biggest concern is ,that lets say you get one losing day a week with a max loss of 75 ,you will spend most of your week trying to claw it back.This is why i really do feel its vital to let your winners run and cut your loss short.
    Whilst i agree (and not wanting to be negative)that TESS has had a very good performance lately, it could still be just a lucky streak.
    What happens if there are two or three losing days in a row? ,that could mount up to three weeks of trying to get back ,as well as a massive loss in confidence.
    Im still trying to work out why CM has set his max SL at 35 ,with a target of 20, the risk to reward ratio is awfull and at some point it will catch up and bite us up the backside.

  1. Super interesting post. Truely.

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