Down Under

Well I’m finally starting to settle in Australia but it’s certainly taking a lot of adjustment as just about everything is different compared to Dubai. The main reason for us moving here was the cheaper rent/house prices and a better quality of lifestyle but I’m stuck in that mode of converting everything to AED and can’t get over how expensive some stuff is. Grocery shopping isn’t cheap!

On the Thursday, the day after I arrived, I set up a simple EJ trade with what I thought was a standard 119 SL. As it turned out, I had entered 11.9 and on late Thursday evening (my Friday early morning) I got a margin call. Since then I’ve been contemplating my future. Apart from doing a couple of years as a Geotechnical Engineer, my whole life has been built around horses or trading and it’s a very sobering reality when your trading bank disappears into thin air which was supposed to be the kick-start of something better.

I’ve had several long chats with my family and various other people whom I consider important and I’ve decided to give it more last attempt at making trading pay. This whole year has been a battle of discipline, weakness and a multitude of errors but inevitably, the buck stops with me and only I can change that outcome.

I hope there a few readers left out there and I’m looking forward to getting back into trading. Bye for now..

    • Dawn
    • May 18th, 2010

    Hi John,
    So glad you arrived safely in Australia and sorry to hear of your latest setback. It would be really sad to see you give up as you’ve obviously got such a lot of knowledge, so I agree that you should give it another try.
    My advice (for what it’s worth!) is that Cashmaster system is doing very well at the moment – I’m making the first proper money I’ve ever really made while trading with it at the moment. Like you though, I have a tendency to over trade I think! Two days recently I’ve made my 20 pips before the children were even awake, feeling really pleased, then later on had another go and reduced or lost my day’s efforts doing so! So from now on, I have decided to be very disciplined and once I have reached my daily target I am going to close TESS down so that I can’t be tempted – and just get on with enjoying my day! I’ll let you know if I manage to stick to it – I am determined to!!
    Anyway, take care and good to hear from you again.
    Dawn x

    • Lyndsey
    • May 18th, 2010

    Good to see you back John and hopefully you’ll stick with it and things will turnaround very soon…! L 🙂

    • marco
    • May 18th, 2010

    Hey John,
    I have to agree with Dawn.Life is so much better now that i trade only London session using CM method.The only difference being is i bring trade to break even at +20 and trail .
    Iwas so used to trading GG all day that at first i did not know what to do with my day once i had acheived a winning trade.But now i am thankfull there is a life apart from trading and overtrading was really wrecking my life .

    • Alan
    • May 19th, 2010


    Glad to see you safe and well in OZ. Keep up the discipline and am sure it will all come good. am also using CM and happy with results.

    We are out of Cairo in the summer and off to Norway, but look forward to following your blog,



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