No breaks

Today was a pretty tough day all round trading wise and emotionally. Several setbacks in regards to finding my dog and cats new homes have fallen through and the grim reality of having to put them down is looking my only option. It just feels like everything is conspiring against me to have a good run.

Trading got off to a shaky start with a loss followed by a win followed by another loss and finally in the afternoon a win. TUFXP had a loss and two wins for a +15 day so a respectable day again. It was interesting to note on the last trade that the 100% stop-loss was a godsend as the previous fixed 25 SL would have resulted in loss. It went to -30 before engaging maximum thrust to hit the win, but not before it missed my scalp by spread (again) but thankfully it never made it back to breakeven to knock me out.

I best get on with trying to sort some accommodation for my animals so I’ll leave it here.

    • les
    • April 29th, 2010

    John are you taking every trade re grahams tufxp strategy?

    • Hi Les,

      Yes I am at the moment. Only half stakes until I get some confidence in it but dare I say it, so far so good.

      How’s your trading going?

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