TUFXP 2 update

Just a quick post with an update on the TUFXP trial. I had one trade CM didn’t even though the PTP is clearly showing on his screenshot, so I’m not sure how he missed it. +28 for the day then. I also noticed he’s added the break between 10am-1pm. I personally don’t think this will make any difference whatsoever so I’ll record results for both. He has however kept his winner from Wednesday 14th April which was after 10 am.

So a winning start and surprising the stops were very reasonable. There were a couple of potential trades with stops of 40+ but thankfully they never qualified.

I went down to Yas Marina Circuit last night to watch the qualifying for the new GT1 World Championship and couldn’t have been more impressed with the setup. Unbelievable facilities and I can see why the F1 drivers loved it so much back in November.

    • marco
    • April 17th, 2010

    Hi John ,
    Its Marco here.Great blog ,and i have become an avid fan.I love your honesty and the abilty to reflect what we all feel as traders .
    I agree with you about the stops and i am considering only taking trades of 25 or less.It will mean i will miss some great trades but i will also miss a lot of losers.
    Are you going to be calling these trades out in a live tradoing room?It would be really helpfull if you were.
    Ithink what CM is getting at about the 6-10 and 1-4 time bands is it decreases the chance of overtrading.Anyways i will be following your testing ,great stuff ,mate

    • Hey Marco,

      Good to hear from you! I think I’m going to cap the SL at a max of 30 but as always I’ll keep running results for all SLs given by TESS.

      If you want to join the trading room just give me an email and I’ll give you my skype username.

      Hopefully TESS might become useful again!

    • keving8
    • April 17th, 2010

    I think also on friday if he’d followed his own rules he would have taken a 3rd trade , abuy at 15.10, entry 1.5435. His trade plan says and i quote ;

    “Aim for 20 pips profit per day. If the first trade of the day wins, quit for the day. If the first trade loses, take another trade. If that loses as well then quit for the day. If the second trade wins, take one more then quit after that regardless of the result.”

    ie 2nd trade won so he should have taken the buy!!!

    However if he had have been actually trading and not counting his money from Keith he would have had -12 at 06.05, +20 at 06.50 and +20 at 14.45 which gives 28 pips profit on the day.

    In golden Graham defence he has a history of not trading on friday afternoons if this suits figures.

    Finally well done John on blogging away through your ups and downs, and if you have a live trading room going i would be interested in joining.

    Keving8 ( still looking to get my money back from Tess)

  1. Re trading through the 10 till 1 break. I tested/reviewed TUFXP for GeeGeez and I also trialed it both ways and found that over the long term, trading through the break actually paid off. You do tend to get a lot of small, niggly losses before it will come good.

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