Thousand Things

I haven’t had too much time to trade this week with a lot going on trying to get everything organized for the move next month. My head is in a thousand places and it’s difficult to concentrate and it showed on Tuesday. A complete wash-out and a very disappointing result but Wednesday and today have seen my target met so I’ve quit whilst I’m ahead. I’m taking the dog to the vet this afternoon to get her rabies test done and a few other vaccinations that are required to be legible to enter Australia.

Amongst the list to do is to renew passport, organize garage sale, storage for items that we’re keeping and shipping, find a foster home for the dog and cats, the list just goes on and on!

I’ve noticed Cash-master is a running a trial of the upgraded The Ultimate Forex Predictor so I’ve decided I’ll run the same test following exactly his rules. My one hesitation is that the stop is always larger than the scalp meaning two losses and stopping will probably take 3-4 wins to recover. Anyway, should be an interesting comparison. I’m surprised he doesn’t use the pivot points available as I do actually find they are incredibly useful for exiting a trade or using as a guide to placing your stop-loss.

    • Matt
    • April 15th, 2010

    Good luck.

    I noticed Cash Master was pushing it again. Aren’t those new settings just the ATMFX settings that Cannonbury packaged up at the start of the year?

  1. Hi Matt,

    Yes mate, they are except he isn’t using all of the MAs.

    Part of the reason why I’m disappointed with the upgrade. The best feature is the addition of the daily pivots imho.

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