Long Weekend

I had a very enjoyable long weekend  with me taking part in a 24hr karting event over Friday/Saturday. I was hoping to get a look at the charts around 10am local time but I was too busy at the track to get back. Turns out I would have had a blinding day but no point wishing back time. I did manage to have a good day today though and I was all done and dusted within 90 minutes of starting trading and it felt fantastic to finish early and be able to get on with other tasks now that I know I’m moving to Aus next month.

With the date set, a lot has to be done between now and the end of May and a few tough decisions have to be taken. We’ve got 2 cats and 1 dog here in Dubai and with strict quarantine laws in place in Australia, it means we’ll be without our dog for at least 6 months which is very disheartening as she’s a massive part of the family. It also means I might have to re-home my cats as shipping all 3 will cost roughly $15,000!!!! Money I simply can’t afford right now. If I can find a way to get them all over, I certainly will.

My Wife and daughter have gone a 3 week trip to Aus as of yesterday to prepare some stuff that end so I’ve got the place to myself for 3 weeks and it feels weird! It will certainly test my discipline to the max. I’m just trying to take one step at a time and get some confidence and discipline back in my trading.

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