Haven’t felt like blogging too much the last couple of days, spirits are down at the moment with a few things outside of trading and a few things in trading! Confused? Me too.

Yesterday was a bit of a non event with a profit never looking likely and the small loss was fairly acceptable by my standards. I was hoping I could finally get some use out of SNW with the NZD GDP report but with zero deviation and the first time since Sept 08 it was a very uneventful release. Bit annoying waking up at 1.45 AM for nothing but gotta be in it to win it as they say. However, the unthinkable finally happened with the UK retail sales coming out a stonking +1.5% better than expected and I managed to get an order filled. Such was my surprise that my kneejerk reaction was to close almost immediately for +20 pips. A possible 40-50 was available but happy enough with my first result. What I wasn’t happy with was my stance on EURUSD. I had a short open since yesterday evening and I was targeting 1.3275.  EURUSD broke 1.3300 nicely early this morning but I didn’t close as I wanted the full amount, I really should have been happy with +35 and closed out to start the day off with a decent win. However, greed overuled and I left it open right to the SL. A very disappointing result and also a big hit to the confidence.

I’ve had some time to think about GG method and I have finally decided to drop it at the end of the month as it was rightly pointed out, the edge just isn’t there any more. You have 1 win followed by 1 or 2 losers, or vice versa. Times change and you have to adapt to the market to try to stay ahead. Hoping I can finish the month on a positive note and work out where to go from here.

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