Wheels Came Off

Wow, today was the day the proverbial camel’s back was nearly broken. An absolute mountain of trades today and definitely a case of over trading.  TUFXP fired over 7 trades at me today and all in clusters and it was annoying the absolute shit out of me to say the least.Yesterday was the first day of the month where I let my emotions get the better of me and I let it slip big time. I did 3 pointless, half-hearted trades that I tried to reason with. They all lost and cost me an extra £700 for my troubles. The most annoying thing was, that in hindsight, I wasn’t even in a bad spot. I was down less than half a percent for the day but for some reason beyond me, I felt the desire to try to push it and make a profit for the day and push past the £6,000 barrier. Needless to say it didn’t work and I think deep down I knew it wouldn’t. Reckless trading at it’s finest.

I was in all sorts of bother today and statistically speaking, I should have been down around 10% but two awesome trades on EURUSD from very early this morning made sure today wasn’t the disaster it so nearly could have been.

The main question is thus: Why did I push myself yesterday? After all the talking and discipline I’ve tried to put back in my trading, it all fell away for no other reason than to be greedy. It disappoints me and troubles me as to why I still feel the need to act like that. How many long, hard looks do I need before a) I lose it all or b) it finally sinks in. Anyway, it’s late and I’ve still got a ton left I want to chunter on about but I’ll save it for tomorrow..

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