High Note

Well I’m done for the week, trading wise and it’s been a pretty good recovery after Monday’s disaster.  I’ve been in this situation before though, a nice recovery of four solid days then I seem to undo it the next trading day. I’m determined not to let that happen again so here is hoping for a good, solid week next week. I thought I’d let myself off an hour earlier than usual after the strong moves this morning, I’m not sure the NY session will do too much with it being close to the end of the week. The US changes their clocks forward on Sunday, 2 weeks ahead of the UK which always confuses the crap out of me when trying to make sure TUFXP and my trading platform are in ‘sync’ with everything.

I’ve received a lot of positive comments of late and thanks goes to everyone who continues to read and give words of encouragement. Thank you to the person who gave the last post a ‘poor’ rating…

I’ve got a bit of info I’m going to share on the blog next week regarding a trading product, so hopefully it might be of some use to a few.

I’m not sure whether or not I should mention the racing here, as strictly speaking, this is a Forex blog, so if some of you could let me know if you’d like updates regarding it, I’d appreciate it.

Finally, but not last, if there are any programmers amongst you, I’d be interested in talking to you in regards to automating a few strategies I have in mind. Have a good weekend everyone.

  1. Racing would be welcome for me as that is my main interest at the moment and I do run a lay tipping website, (free and no payments required but ask for donations to be sent direct to Help for Heroes charity), and was interested to follow your link you gave yesterday. Also interesting that you use Maria’s staking plan…..I tend to level stake all at odds to maximum 6.0 to make life easy……well it isn’t easy predicting losers as I’m sure you know. Glad you had a better week….keep positive!!

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