A day doesn’t seem complete without drama when trading and yesterday was absolutely no different. No sooner had I posted my latest post that a couple of TUFXP GG trades come my way. Decisions, decisions…. I took them as I keep telling myself that this particular strategy will turn around soon and start making the gains it did so well throughout last year. Wrong. The same as the previous day, both lost and giving me the ever-present sinking feeling and wondering why I didn’t stop after such a decent start. Yet again though, another trade signalled and this time it did the business it fine style and a nice run on EURUSD took me back to where I was before all of the drama. So, absolutely nothing gained and a lot of head scratching for nothing. I can’t help but think though that some day very soon that it will all click together. The task of researching the SAW method is going to take a lot longer than I originally thought as I have so much data to go through but I reckon there will be something of use to come out of it. It’s keeping me busy in the days anyway.

I know a few readers are racing/sports bettors also and racing has long been my passion way before I ever discovered what Forex was. I’m running a thread on a forum where I’m posting all of my lays for horse racing on the UK markets. This is an exercise in discipline and also a chance to try out a new method I’m working on. So far the results have been extremely impressive in the short window that I’ve been posting and it’s nice to have some stability with the racing. I just need to replicate my racing results to my trading and I’ll be a happy man again. If you want to check out my progress, you can do so here.

  1. Hi there. As a trader for many years – as well as a system tester/reviewer, I have a couple of words of encouragement. Firstly, I would agree with your colleague that you seem to be over-trading to a degree, in a similar way as a rookie will continually add indicator-upon-indicator – and I am pretty sure that you are trade-addicted, loving the rush of the trade. I’ve been there, believe me and I believe that most people need to go through this stage.

    You seem to have a strong base system/method and I would suggest that the SAW idea is the way to go, gaining anything from +10 to +50, depending on your comfortable 1st trade average, then using compounding to build your lot size. Believe me, this one technique will turn your life around, never mind your trading.

    Finally, there is a quote you may find interesting:

    ‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.’

    Stay true to yourself and I look forward to reading of your future success.

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