Pleasant Surprise

It’s been an okay week so far, yesterday was a little disappointing with a couple of near misses and missed opportunities.  The GG  TUFXP method operates on a 3 bar qualifying window, so it has 3 candles on whichever timeframe the signal came on to qualify. A GU trade expired by a matter of seconds then went on to qualify and hit the profit and it certainly was tempting to keep the order open but this month for me is all about following my rules and keeping to the plan.

A pleasant surprise came from TUFXP this week with their upgrade to version 2. It’s going to be released to the public pretty soon I imagine. The upgrades are small but meaningful with a couple of very helpful additions. If you’ve bought ATM-FX and already have TUFXP, you’ll be a little annoyed as now you can trade the ATM strategy using TESS software. It’s still lacking some upgrades which I’d of liked to of seen but I’ll see what happens over the following months.

That’s about it for now, hope everyone is having a pip filled week.

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