A Good Day

A good day today with controlled, sensible trades.  After Friday, I was incredibly annoyed and frustrated. I had a couple of shorts open for a couple of hours and before I left for the day at 3pm, I thought I’d let them run out until I checked again in 1 hr. I had over 85 pips on the table and I didn’t take them. One word; greed. You all know what happened next…EJ and GU rocketed back up and took me out at breakeven and -15 pips. A 100 pip turnaround. You’d think after the talking I gave myself on Thursday I’d have been extremely happy to get back to breakeven for the day but no, I had to push it and go for glory.

Well with everything going on outside of trading, it’s forced me to have a long, hard look at the time I spend trading. I’ve got until the end of March to keep to my own rules and discipline otherwise I will leave trading behind. It’s agonising knowing I should be in profit instead of a loss and it’s about time some realities were dealt. So, I’m sticking solely to my mechanical trades with their correct TPs, I don’t care if they go zooming past and end up making +100, rules are rules and they are exactly what I need to be following right now.

I owe an apology to Cash-master as from face value, it seems I am questioning his integrity and honesty. I have spoken to him on this matter and the air has been cleared. He can only run and blog the results for the duration of the test and the results are what they are. Naturally, quite a few systems will show a downturn after a decent spell.

A big month ahead then and I am hopeful I will get everything back on track.

    • Julie
    • March 2nd, 2010

    Hi John, Best of luck for March,I’m sure you can turn it around…if you stick to your plan! Have you got the TUFXP 2 update with the ATMFX settings? A great improvement I think so far.
    Keep up the blog


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