Same, same.

Right now I want to throw the piece of junk that is TUFXP out the window.  After making slow but steady progress late last week, all of it has been undone in fell swoop in a day’s work by TUFXP GG. I really am lost for words. I busted my balls to get to the position I was at the end of last week only to smash it to pieces today. Same shit, new week. I’ve decided I’m going to cut the GG method completely out of my trading as it’s ruining any chance of making forward progress and it’s also really getting my spirits down, so from now on, I’m doing without it.

Also received some bad family news over the weekend and a lot of changes are happening for me right now and it’ll be tough to concentrate fully on trading. This year sure hasn’t gone to plan as of yet! I’ll end it here for now as I need to go and walk off some steam.

Hope you’ve managed to have a profitable week..

  1. Hope it all starts to pick up for you fella. Have been reading all your posts, interesting stuff. Fingers crossed for you.

    • Dawn
    • February 22nd, 2010

    So sorry to hear you’re having such a bad time, and it probably doesnt help much to know that I’m feeling exactly the same!!! Have yet to make any money at all from TUFXP, the markets are just up and down like a yoyo today – no sooner do I enter a trade and it goes the other way, and only one PTP today seems to have scalped the 20 pips. I agree that TUFXP isnt performing at all well of late and if it carries on, that will be 2 heaps of junk thrown out of the window! Enjoy reading your posts, it makes me realise that it’s not only me, but do hope things buck up soon to save our sanity and our trading accounts.
    Also sorry to hear about your bad family news, tough times.Take care, Dawn

    • jon
    • February 23rd, 2010

    I told you this before but you thought I was being rude, it simply does not work. Trade another strategy.

    • Steve
    • February 23rd, 2010

    I find that this strategy does work but you have to be careful not to look at results in too smaller timeframe. There are odd months where TUFXP GG makes a small loss and also occasional ‘flat’ months but there are also many very good months which make hundreds and hundreds of pips. If people are looking for a system which simply makes gains day after day then they’ll be looking a long time – there is no such system!

    For what it’s worth I trade GU and EJ on TUFXP GG and yesterday was 3 wins and 3 losses (I managed to finish up +17 due to ‘managing’ the trades + luck). These ups and downs are part of trading. John is correct – people need to find ways to switch off once the trading is done for the day.

    • Jimmie
    • February 24th, 2010

    Perhaps Jon would care to enlighten us all with his reasons/logic as to why, in his opinion, the TUFXP GG strategy does not work.

    I have personally used this strategy for the last 6 months and can find no reason to support his ‘it does not work’ claim at all. In my experience, the good weeks far outweigh the bad, which is surely the core requirement of any system.

    • It seems he has an axe to grind, Jimmie. Apparently, my own personal challenge is ‘unethical’.

      Anyway, leave him to it. TUFXP does work and it’s proven to work. Every strategy has rough patches, it’s impossible to win every month.

    • jon
    • February 25th, 2010

    My reason is so far its been 8 weeks and i don’t see any of those eight weeks outweighing the bad, why not publish your account statement for 6 months so we truly know what your “experience” is. I could say anything and so could you, it doesn’t matter and holds no weight what does hold weight is the results and I’ve seen them for eight weeks now so I’m justified in what I say however you’re not. So please lets see these 6 months of profitable trading using this strategy exclusively. Bring it don’t sing it bro!

      • Jimmie
      • February 25th, 2010

      Right, where to start with this. So what you are suggesting, to all of us that trade the GG strategy, is to stop immediately because it hasn’t performed as well in the last 8 weeks, despite having never had a losing month in history, as confirmed by Dubai in his blog today. Now I’m sure that Dubai would gladly furnish me with the evidence to back up this up, but since I don’t really care whether you trade it or not, I consider that course of action a complete waste of time. However, if you would like evidence then please feel free to visit the Cash Master website as all of the GG trades (up to 17th December 2009) are recorded on there.

      The point I was trying to make originally was that the system is proven to be profitable over time, and so to try and force your opinion that ‘it simply does not work’ on fellow traders could be considered a bit unsporting of you, as the records indicate that it clearly does work. By the way, I’m not saying that you should trade it, as I would never try and tell anyone what to do as surely that is the choice of the individual. Obviously advice is always welcome from fellow traders, but unconsidered, ill-thought-out advice is of no help to anyone and only serves to confuse rather than to help.

      Just one last thought, as I am baffled by the fact that you think you’re justified in what you say because you have seen the last 8 weeks results, yet I am not justified even though I have seen the last 6 months worth of results. I don’t see the difference to be honest as we both have only given our word, and so I really don’t know how you work that one out as you said yourself that we could both say anything and it holds no weight, and so your statement that you are indeed justified is a tad contridicting. The only thing I can put it down to is individual interpretation and expectation, and obviously we differ on both counts.

      Anyway, enough. All the best.

    • jon
    • February 26th, 2010

    I checked the cash master website but couldn’t find the results as in an account statment or livemt4 stats or fxbook results, all i saw was a daily diary kind of thing. I’m sorry but I cant trust that daily diary record without any actual evidence. I’ve seen it all before on countless commercial fx websites. I’ve also heard it all before on countless websites about how things are going through a bad patch all of a sudden when for the last year the system has produced stellar results. Its a very common story.

    You can not blame me for being sceptical in forex 9 out of 10 systems are unprofitable and willfully falsely promoted to be profitable. I am simply reacting to what I see.

    Also there is no need to be baffled at all I’ll clarify what I meant. I believe i’m justified in what i say because I’ve personally seen the last 8 weeks performance and so have you, I mean its just not me saying the last 8 weeks have shown miserable results. You’ve seen it to haven’t you? Do you agree with me on this? Now the part about you saying the last 6 months are profitable is only you saying it, its just your word. I haven’t seen the results. Its very simple to understand theres no need to be baffled. All you have to do is show me a statment like I asked you before. I’m still waiting.

    For all I know you could be a chum of the creator simply trying to drum up business or you could be his partner and have some sort of profit splitting arrangement from the sales of the system with him. I’m not saying that you are but it is a possibility. Wouldn’t you agree? Lots of sellers do this.

    Now what I find baffling is
    1)you beating around the bush refusing to show me what I ask you. Why are you refering me to the cash master site (and some diary) above in your post you said and I quote “I have personally used this strategy for the last 6 months and can find no reason to support his ‘it does not work’ claim at all.” So if you’ve personally traded this strategy all you have to do is show me your personal results. So I can stand corrected. Is’nt it? Please back up your own claims

    2)you say you’ve been trading this for over 6 months and its been profitable ,how did you get it? Was it available for purchase 6 months ago? Please don’t mind my question i’m just curious to know.

    Thank you for your reply let me assure you i have no axe to grind as you say, if I am wrong in what I say I will happily admit to it. Please prove me wrong.

    All the best to you as well.

    • This is the last time I let a comment of yours onto my blog, I just want people to see how thick you really are. You’re so busy checking the myfxbooks results, you’ve forgotten to look past the end of your nose. You have absolutely nothing constructive or useful to contribute to this blog, so bye bye.

      If you had bothered to read any of this blog, you’d realise I am trading multiple methods. The Dubai e-book is MT4 based not TUFXP. The freely available TUFXP method is called GG, which is what has been causing me problems of late, as well as my own discipline.

      So, I’m not too sure what the hell you’re own about when referring to ‘was it available 6 months ago’. As far as ‘drumming up’ business goes, I haven’t once touted for business on this blog, I do not chase sales in the slightest. I am happy at the slow but steady sales that trickle through. Your wild accusations are laughable.

      My Dubai e-book results were published on the Cash-master site for 5 weeks. Any number of buyers will attest to the results.

      I had a previous account on myfxbook running from when I started this blog until middle of January showing my growth. I have absolutely zero desire to ‘prove’ anything to you. You really think that because you don’t believe the results that I’ll provide account statements that could easily be photoshopped etc. Get off your high horse.

      Bye bye.

      • Jimmie
      • February 27th, 2010

      I’ve wasted far too much time on this already and so just a couple of points to leave you with.

      1) The system is a freely available at no cost, website address below, and so I get no financial gain from sales as obviously there aren’t any.

      2) I have provided you with evidence, as it is on the website like I said and is in the form of screenshots of each trade. It is a mechanical system and so everyone using it will have the same results. Start here and work your way back.

      The fact that you don’t trust this form of record keeping is not my problem, though do you really think the webmaster would go to all the trouble of falsifying the results when the system is free? No, of course not, therefore, if you want to know how the system has been doing over the last six months, check the site. Granted, I haven’t been able to retire yet from using it, but it’s produced a profit every month so far since I started, and for a free system, you can’t really ask for more.

      We do agree on one thing however, as you are correct that the system hasn’t been doing as well since the start of the year, though 8 weeks of indifferent results aren’t enough to put me off using it as like you say, proven profitable forex systems are hard to find.

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