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Yesterday had the look of a horror show for a while as the early part of my day was nothing short of awful. It started off with my morning trade getting to within 4 pips of my target before reversing and stopping me out at breakeven. It went on to hit the stop-loss so at least I avoided an early loss which was a good positive to take out. Drama wasn’t far away though with TUFXP signalling me into a trade around 20 minutes before the UK unemployment rate came out. The trade was around 10 pips profit pre release and the news spiked down nicely and hit the target on TESS so at this point I’m thinking ‘lovely’. However, a glance at my broker shows me I haven’t been filled on my take profit!! I spoke to my broker and they said it was down to the fast-moving nature of the news and they cannot gauratanee an order will be filled successfully. More like they fancied slipping me and avoiding me taking a nice win. I exited at -17 which left a very bitter taste in my mouth but sticking to my game plan I tried my best to forget it and move on but not before having a nice little chunter to myself.

Anyway to cut a long story short, some decent late afternoon trades yielded some nice returns and a good profit was made on the day. I remember using the saying ‘no pictures on a scorecard’ when I used to play golf a lot and it brought a wry smile to my face when looking back on the days events. Speaking of golf, I think Westwood has an awesome chance to clinch the Accenture Matchplay but Ogilvy is looking equally good. The days are flying by despite it being an uphill battle and already the end of the month is closing in. I’ve got a lot of work to crack on with which is keeping my boredom levels down nicely.

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