Slide continues

The landslide continues today with another losing day registered on the boards.  GBPUSD got me off to a bad start and then TUFXP simply added to my problems with yet another loss. The method in question is the method first detailed on the cash-master site. I spent hours and hours of research on this particular method and have used it consistently since July last year. However, so far this year results have been dismal and EURJPY is currently on a 5 trade losing sequence. I’ve no choice but to reduce liability on these trades as it’s causing me serious grief. This is an extremely tough time right now and I’m finding it hard to muster the enthusiasm or energy to keep fighting.

I useful website I thought I’d make note of is this decent correlation website. I was reminded of it by Terrance who left a comment in regard to the lack of correlation between pairs of late. It’s useful when looking at several pairs. You can find the website here. There a couple of other decent Forex websites I’ve been meaning to put up and I’ll get round to that this weekend I think.

Hope you’re managing to gain a few pips, unlike my good self!!!

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