Well, this is really beginning to get to me now. I was looking forward to a fresh week and the chance of making some decent gains but once again, I’ve fallen at the very first hurdle and I’m immediately on the back foot for the week. I cannot express how frustrating this is and try as I might, my positive outlook is diminishing rapidly. How much longer my mental aspect of trading can take of this I’m not sure. One particular strategy on TUFXP is really letting the side down and everyone who trades it is beginning to feel the pinch a little and also the will to continue with it.

It’s psychologically very hard to stay positive when every single week I kick off with a stinker. Perhaps I should avoid Mondays? Not much else to say really, moral is low, bank is low..

  1. Hi Dubaitrader, Great blog. You are missed on FF. It has been tough going for a number of traders to include myself. The key is to reduce your risk until you are back in sync with the markets. The markets have been extremely difficult to trade over the last 2 weeks in particluar, because of the negative correlation across most currency pairs imposed by problems in the European Union (Greece debt problems). For example, GBPUSD and EURUSD enjoyed a correlation factor of .88 for the last 2 years. The last weeks it was at 0.01! So GBPUSD and EURUSD moves together 88% of the time until the Greece problem hit! I am sure you know that the best breakouts occur when the currency pairs are moving together. This is not happening freely anymore. You are a great trader, with the right mindset. These down times should serve to make you stronger and give you resolve to overcome. I wish you the very best. You will continue to do well. Cheers!

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