Steady, steady…bang!

There is a definite pattern forming to my balance on myfxbook with a big decline followed by 3 or 4 consecutive, solid days. Rinse and repeat. My goal is to eliminate those horror days and get back to a sense of normality and a good equilibrium. Although with the way the currencies are going at the moment, it seems to be matching my trading. Bursts out of nowhere are wreaking havoc but thankfully today, I was on the right side of several good moves. TUFXP has been a little quiet of late and the general consensus is it’s a little off colour at the moment but a few of my strategies are holding their own and sticking their neck into okay profit. The new release of TUFXP shouldn’t be too far away now.

Many thanks to the kind people who left comments and also to those who emailed me some useful documents to help with my confidence issue and I’ve certainly taken a lot in the last few days. It’s a real rollercoaster at the moment with one day feeling like I’ll never make it and then the next day I’m on a high. I’m going to try to separate myself from these emotions and view everyday as a business day like I used to.

I’m trialling a new EA at the moment and I’ve got 30 days to decide whether or not to proceed with it. I’ll make a few worthy comments in the next few days once I’ve seen it in action and got a feeling for how it works.

I’ve enjoyed reading Cassini’s blog of late, he has an excellent mix of interesting stuff and a good sense of humour about his posts.

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