Last week couldn’t have been any more up and down if it had tried! An absolute bananas week summed up nicely by the price action that unfolded after the NFP release. EURJPY rocketed down for nearly 100 pips before engaging full thrust and reversed the full amount and then went long for a fair few pips. Thursday and Friday was an unbelievable day for the Yen pairs and on Thursday afternoon I’ve never quite seen movement like it with EURJPY and GBPJPY moving in 10 pip segments. The struggles of Greece, Spain and Ireland are severely taking their toll on the Euro. It will be a very interesting next few weeks for the Euro and how it fares.

I’m concentrating hard this week on keeping errors to a minimum and hopefully it will be a much smoother week…famous last words!

Unfortunately I had to moderate and delete a comment yesterday from Jon, a previous contributor who I mentioned in the last post. I welcome all constructive criticism but I will not accept rudeness and outright flaming. I am an open and honest trader, hence the reason for having the myfxbook link in my blog. I’ll enjoy completing my challenge and enjoy the fact you said it’d never happen. I’m not going to entertain any further comments from people wishing to be rude, that is not the point of this blog.

    • jon
    • February 9th, 2010

    I was not at all rude (my opinion of course) however I apologise if have offended your sentiments.

    That was not my intention.

    What distresses me is your taking advantage of innocent (or should I say uninformed) people by selling them false hopes and dreams of a better life and financial freedom through trading, simply to sell your ebook.

    Trading is one of the hardest ways in the world to make a lot of money and requires years of dedication and practice. Please do not portray a distorted view of the reality of trading.

    By doing what you are doing to sell your ebook by this 5000 to 15000 trading my strategies in my ebook other than take peoples money you are also shattering their dreams and portraying poor trading practices.

    Some would view or should I say I personally view this as unethical.

    Please think about it.

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