So I’m sat at my trading desk today, very mellow and philosophical. In my red mist yesterday, I totally lost sight of the big picture and tried to force things to happen and of course when that happens, the exact opposite happens. Throwing away over £1,000 in needless trades was incredibly stupid and I still feel embarassed and angry now. If I had bothered to keep my head, I would now be at the same point as the start of yesterday, if not higher and enjoying a solid week. Today has been a good day despite GBPUSD messing me around to begin with this morning. It seems I repeat myself a lot but the trade failed to scalp by 3 pips and reversed back to breakeven.  Thankfully TUFXP has successfully completed a couple of trades and also I finally managed to take a EURUSD trade that has been performing well of late.

I would like to say I’ve learned a very important and costly lesson but by the same token, I am a little anxious that another fit of madness could happen if the going got tough again. Throughout my gambling life and trading career, I’ve always kept my emotions in check but I think the task ahead of me dawned on me and I got greedy, plain and simple. Without doubt discipline and emotion are the two hardest things to combat when dealing with trading/gambling and I plan on working extra hard to stop it from happening again.

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    • AlinCairo
    • February 3rd, 2010


    Glad to see you have got your head around things. You have had great success and will continue to do so I am sure.

    A simple suggestion from me would be to stop referring to your gambling career in the same breath as your trading career, they are not the same, but yesterday was probably the former taking over. You are not a gambler but a trader, pure and simple,



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