2010 Challenge

Hopefully I’m going to look back at this post at the end of year with a smile of satisfaction. I’ve decided to end the trial of myfxbook demo account and switch to my recently opened live account which is now displayed on the right hand side. The balance is open to public and during Monday-Friday will be constantly updated. Now that I have all the account details I’ve been able to verify the neccesary things on myfxbook and I’m good to go.

There are literally hundreds of challenges that appear on forums, websites and blogs but this is a personal challenge as much as anything. My Dubai strategies e-book has a bold title of 2,300% profit in one year. So considering that I use those strategies and a couple of TUFXP ones, I should be able to replicate my bold claims. Therefore my target by Friday 17th December 2010 is £150,000. Myfxbook is not only a great tracker of results it’s also an incredibly useful tool which shows any weakness in a traders strategies.

As you can see by the chart it has been less than ideal start with various circumstances going against me but I am ready for the challenge and confident in my ability to succeed. Due to looking after my daughter this morning I was late to the trading desk and unfortunately missed out on a nice GBPUSD winner but not to worry there are plenty of days ahead of me. It is a very high target I’ve set myself and there is always a chance I’ll miss it but I do believe deep down that it is achievable if sticking to my rules and methods so let the games begin…

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    • Andy M, UK
    • January 22nd, 2010

    Best of luck with this challenge, it’s an impressive target so hope you reach it – you’ll certainly sell a lot of books if you do ! I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the comment. It should certainly be interesting either way so I’m excited to see how it shapes up.

  1. Bl*oody hell – alots changed since the old blog mate!

    You’re married, you have a baby and your aiming for £150,000 a year!


    All sounds peachy – well done.

    If Betfair ever goes Pete Tong I’ll have to give Forex a go.


    • Hi Mark,

      I know, a lot changes in a few years, huh?!

      You’ll find a lot of similarities with trading Forex and Betfair. Good luck with your new blogging quest, look forward to seeing an insight into your trading.

    • Chris
    • February 1st, 2010

    Hi there

    I have been following your results via the cash master site and have been very impressed with the results so far (42% gain in January and you aren’t happy?!). Just wondering where you are publishing your results for your target this year, as cash master are only testing short term I think? I am looking to trade forex this year (having recently been made redundant) so will possibly look to purchase your system in the near future. If i could make half of your target then I’d be a happy guy come December!!

    Kind regards

    Chris Green

    • Hi Chris,

      The challenge status is available to view on myfxbook which is the graph on the right hand side of the blog. Whilst it’s vastly different at the moment that is due to me missing the first week of live trading which netted +20% and also missing 3 winners last week for +15%. Also I am trading a few TUFXP strategies. I will update the Dubai strategies results monthly under the Dubai strategies page. Hope that helps and best of luck. Babypips is an excellent site for learning the basics of Forex.

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