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Finally over the line..

Well today was the day I finally managed to finish what I’ve spent so many hours working on and I’m pleased with the results. You can read all about it here.

Trading wise it was an uphill battle from the start with a losing trade on early on but the recovery was complete by close of trading. It’s funny when you look back over a chart and wonder how on earth you could of failed to make a profit on day’s like today but they happen and I’m just glad I managed to keep my concentration up and discipline to put aside the early loss and carry on with my specific goals.

Well it’s been another long day and I need a drink! Please check out my new page and any thoughts/comments are more than welcome. Also a big thank you to everyone who has visited this blog, I never imagined I’d of passed the 6,000 readers mark before the end of the year. I hope you find something useful when reading my blog.

Putting in the hrs

Fridays NFP was certainly a move and a half!! There was me waffling on about the figures being optimistic and the figures completely blow the estimations out of the water. EURUSD had the mother of all spikes and EURJPY had a lovely move to the long side. I’ve always loved trading NFP and it continues to be a good earner for me. I’ve massively toned down my news trading and keep it strictly to major high impact news events like NFP, BoE, FOMC and other interest rate decisions. Retail sales are also a good mover.

I’ve spent all of the weekend trying to finish my project I’ve been working on and I’ve probably spent close to 20 hrs over the weekend on it. It’s still not quite finished and if everything goes to plan tomorrow, it should be finished by midday. I’ll be making an annoucement as soon as it’s finished. I owe a massive thanks to Tom at FXTT and Max who have helped me enormously.

I didn’t have too much time to concentrate on actual trading today except I managed to catch a TUFXP trade right at the end of the day and it duly won. From speaking to a few people whose opinion I value, I have decided to sell a basket of my TUFXP settings. There are 5 in total and all have undergone 3 months or more of live testing along with the initial backtest. They range from scalping to longer term trades and I truly believe if you have TUFXP that you can benefit from them. I am also speaking to a few independent review sites to see if they are interested in trialing the settings. If you have TUFXP and interested in my settings you can leave a comment here. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my announcement..


Another solid day with just under 4% gained overall. TUFXP was pinging trades off left, right and centre early in the day with at least 5 potential setups. GBPUSD finally obliged with a triggered trade and after a nervous 20/30 minutes it rammed home. TUFXP really is firing on all cylinders of late and it’s times like these that advantage needs to be taken.

I have finished all of my research on the London breakout and I will be adding this to my portfolio after the New Year. It’s very consistent and it gets the day off to a nice start when it wins. Combining GBPUSD London breakout and EURUSD New York breakout really makes for impressive reading.

I had an interesting email off a member on FF regarding a few other signal providing services so it’s yet more information for me to look at. I haven’t yet clicked with Collective 2 but I’m working with support to sort out a few niggles. Unless I go banzai tomorrow, I doubt I’ll make it to 30 trades on Zulutrade until Monday at the earliest. 

I also have something very exciting developing over the weekend and I’m hopeful everything will turn out as well as I hope. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement this weekend.

NFP tomorrow and it looks yet another optimistic figure and I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see it miss by some way. It’ll be a good one to watch anyway. The ECB press conference caused a God almighty spike in both directions this afternoon and I was only too happy to be sitting out and watching. Anyway, I have some more work to do so I best carry on. 


Picking Up Steam

Well it’s been a crazy busy two days and I’m still running at 100 mph now. I tried a little experiment with a longer term trade yesterday using an 80SL and 80 TP. It didn’t work out but I have gained something from it and I’ll keeping an eye on it and paper trading it. That’s the reason for the -65 pips showing on Myfxbook. I had a successful trade on TUFXP on GBPUSD for 25 pips but then slipped up with a 10 pip loss on a trade I meant to cancel but I wasn’t quick enough. Overall though I only dropped 1.75% which really highlights the importance of position sizing and money management. I still see people quoting pips everywhere without regard to position sizing! Anyway, a few people have taken notice on the thread going on FF. 

Today was a much better day with two winning TUFXP trades for 55 pips as I held onto one of them for slightly longer. I’ve got up to 18 trades on Zulutrade so maybe by Friday I’ll hit 30 trades. If you want to signup and follow my performance, you can do so here.

I’ve also been in talks with someone with the idea of helping me getting my trading really moving forward, I should be making an announcement in the next few days, I’m fairly excited about it and it’s a welcome relief. Thankyou to everyone for their continued support.

Head Screwed On.

A disappointing day yesterday on several levels, really. My investor who was hoping to secure some healthy funds unfortunately fell through so again I find myself in a precarious position. I’m hoping Zulutrade or Collective 2 really help me get back on track. I was alerted to Collective 2 by Stevetrade and I’ve signed up and still doing a little research into it, however it looks another decent option alongside Zulutrade. Collective 2 allows the signal provider to set a price instead of the 0.5 pip given by Zulu. I’m going to set it at $150 a month with a free 30 day trial to all new people who sign up.

Myfxbook have brought in some preventive measures to ensure accounts are honest and real. I’ve yet again miss placed the investor password for my recently new account so yet again I’ve had to open another new account and this time I’ve etched the investor password into my brain and computer! So, myfxbook will be fully verified and Zulutrade can begin to pick up and finally get the required 30 trades to show in public.

It’s been a crazy few weeks and I’m hoping for some stability for the last month and then really motor on come the New Year. I’ve nearly finished my London breakout research and it’s definitely looking promising and I’ll be adding it on ASAP. Keep a look out on Zulutrade for me and Collective 2, I’ll keep everyone up to date as I get more information. You can sign up to Zulutrade here.