The last couple of days have been extraordinarily hard with cable whipsawing like crazy, a 20 pip move down is followed by a 20 pip move up and it’s incredibly frustrating when this happens. I think Christmas syndrome has set in and this will definitely be my last week until the New Year as trading right now is pretty insane. GBPUSD appears to be stuck solid in a fairly tight range also, usually when this happens, an explosion will occur in either direction but I have zero confidence in trading cable right now and when that happens, it’s wise to just let it go and wait for better opportunities and for the Christmas period to end. Being able to escape with some profit is satisfying and a nice way to end the year.

I want to do an end of year review sometime this week which is something I’ve always done as it gives me a chance to reflect on achievements/failures and all things related. To say it’s been a topsy-turvy year would be an understatement and I can’t wait to start a fresh year with new goals.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and I look forward to continuing my blog well into next year, if you’ve been a reader at any point, thanks for reading as knowing that I am babbling away to someone is a major help. Look out for my end of year review and also the start of my e-book review on Cash-master come the New Year.

Best of luck..

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