New week

Well it’s the start of another new trading week and Christmas is less than two weeks away! Scary. My daughter turns one on Wednesday and it seems like yesterday I was in Australia watching her being born.

Karting was an absolute blast and offered a chance to relax a little and enjoy myself, it decided to rain for a fair few hrs and racing a kart on slicks in the rain is comedy and it was like watching it in slow motion mixed with bumper cars. It doesn’t rain too often in Dubai and it was great entertainment and a nice change.

I’ve had a little bit of interest in my e-books and I’m looking forward to Cash-master starting a review on it, although it probably won’t start in earnest until the New Year as trading will be winding down now for the rest of the year. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.

I’m just putting a few finishing touches to a good article that I want to share and hopefully I’ll have it up over the week. Trading wise, today has been pretty quiet with all of the pairs that I trade being considerably range bound and it’s just been a case of waiting for the right moment and diving in and out, I definitely think this is one aspect of my trading that has improved enormously since I began trading. Only a couple of interesting news releases this week with the Fed rate and retail sales in the UK which should hopefully provide some decent sized movements.


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