Putting in the hrs

Fridays NFP was certainly a move and a half!! There was me waffling on about the figures being optimistic and the figures completely blow the estimations out of the water. EURUSD had the mother of all spikes and EURJPY had a lovely move to the long side. I’ve always loved trading NFP and it continues to be a good earner for me. I’ve massively toned down my news trading and keep it strictly to major high impact news events like NFP, BoE, FOMC and other interest rate decisions. Retail sales are also a good mover.

I’ve spent all of the weekend trying to finish my project I’ve been working on and I’ve probably spent close to 20 hrs over the weekend on it. It’s still not quite finished and if everything goes to plan tomorrow, it should be finished by midday. I’ll be making an annoucement as soon as it’s finished. I owe a massive thanks to Tom at FXTT and Max who have helped me enormously.

I didn’t have too much time to concentrate on actual trading today except I managed to catch a TUFXP trade right at the end of the day and it duly won. From speaking to a few people whose opinion I value, I have decided to sell a basket of my TUFXP settings. There are 5 in total and all have undergone 3 months or more of live testing along with the initial backtest. They range from scalping to longer term trades and I truly believe if you have TUFXP that you can benefit from them. I am also speaking to a few independent review sites to see if they are interested in trialing the settings. If you have TUFXP and interested in my settings you can leave a comment here. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my announcement..

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