Another solid day with just under 4% gained overall. TUFXP was pinging trades off left, right and centre early in the day with at least 5 potential setups. GBPUSD finally obliged with a triggered trade and after a nervous 20/30 minutes it rammed home. TUFXP really is firing on all cylinders of late and it’s times like these that advantage needs to be taken.

I have finished all of my research on the London breakout and I will be adding this to my portfolio after the New Year. It’s very consistent and it gets the day off to a nice start when it wins. Combining GBPUSD London breakout and EURUSD New York breakout really makes for impressive reading.

I had an interesting email off a member on FF regarding a few other signal providing services so it’s yet more information for me to look at. I haven’t yet clicked with Collective 2 but I’m working with support to sort out a few niggles. Unless I go banzai tomorrow, I doubt I’ll make it to 30 trades on Zulutrade until Monday at the earliest. 

I also have something very exciting developing over the weekend and I’m hopeful everything will turn out as well as I hope. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement this weekend.

NFP tomorrow and it looks yet another optimistic figure and I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see it miss by some way. It’ll be a good one to watch anyway. The ECB press conference caused a God almighty spike in both directions this afternoon and I was only too happy to be sitting out and watching. Anyway, I have some more work to do so I best carry on. 


    • mark
    • December 5th, 2009


    how do I join your trade room?


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