Friendly Welcome

Well today was the first day of my own trading room and it was a nice way to start the week.  Whilst the method I am detailing has a day off on Monday, it was a good opportunity to get everyone together and go over any questions that the members had. The overall feeling was a positive one and from speaking to most of the members individually, everyone shared the same consensus that it’s a fine idea and they were looking forward to watching the method get to work. There seems to be a nice collective mix of beginners and more experienced traders and there were several members helping each other out with questions regarding various spread betting companies and brokers.

My TUFXP method had three trades today, once again GBPUSD proving the most solid pair with a straightforward 25 pips in the morning part of the London session. EURJPY also triggered a trade 10 minutes after the GU trade and it briefly went past +10 before hovering around breakeven until the US news at 13.30 GMT. Just before the news, a potential short setup occurred and it was close enough to be triggered during the news release. The news sent us in and during the process sent the long out for a loss of 25 pips. The short went to +23 before retracing all the way back to breakeven and even up to -9 pips. However, gravity set in and it eventually made it’s full scalp of 25 pips.

Most of my day flew by with answering everyone’s questions and I can already see the week’s flying past even quicker than before. I have been busy working on another new strategy that’s been whirling away in my mind for the last few weeks and it’s always been something that interested me. I still have  a lot of research to do and testing but initial feelings are that it looks incredibly straight forward and successful. 

There are a few aspects of trade management I want to touch on over the next few days so look out for that..

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic start to the week in the room. See you all tomorrow.

    • Furrymilo
    • November 16th, 2009

    I agree Dubai, had a good day today in the trading room learning the ropes for the new strategy. Seems very straight forward and extremely exciting. I hope tomorrow is a good day for us, i’m sure it will be. You explained everything very simply, so even the most stupid people can understand (that’s me of course).

    Anyway thanks again for the opportunity and here’s to many long and exciting trading years to come.

    Lets go with the flow and let the pips rain in!!!

    • Vicky
    • November 17th, 2009

    Hi Dubai
    Your new strategy sounds very exciting. Life has got a bit crazy the last few weeks (all those cardies to wash), but I hope to join you when things settle the week after next.. if I’m not too late to the party?

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