End of Week

Today was a pretty crazy end to a crazy week. My method which will be live in my trading room as of Monday went absolutely bananas today with a 90 pip haul. Depending on your risk appetite risking 3% per trade would have translated into an 18% growth of your account in one single day. Everything just fell into place and prices reacted very well. Days like these are special for several reasons. Not only does it give me great satisfaction knowing my method is working but also it gives me encouragement to move forward and help others with their trading.

I do not trade my TUFXP method on Friday’s as statistically Friday’s are the weakest day and it turned out a good day to miss with a loss on the day of 25 pips. I’ve been working hard on improving my strategy and the longer I spend with the software, the greater my understanding becomes of how to maximise it to the full. I originally thought it was simply a case of following the signals and entering at the indicated level. It’s been a fairly steep learning curve over the 4 months of using TUFXP but it’s also been a good one. I think it applies to everything to do with Forex, the longer you spend in front of charts, the more familiar you become with their characteristics. I went in all guns blazing trying to trade as many pairs as possible and quickly realized, quality really is better than quantity. Whilst I’m still very new to Forex, my advice to any aspiring trader is to be patient and concentrate your efforts on one or two strategies rather than trying to master everything at once.

Thankyou to everyone who has signed up so far, 19 subscribers and counting! I look forward to Monday. I will be sending an email over the weekend with all the required details, I hope you find the next week an enjoyable one. 

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so by following the link on the left.

    • Furrymilo
    • November 13th, 2009

    Hi mate Furrymilo again. Really looking forward to trying out your strategy from Mon onwards.

    Let the pips come raining in mofo!!!!!!

    • Haha, good to see your usual enthusiasm shining through! I agree, as Matt said, if this works half as well as I think it can then we’ll all be very happy indeed. See you Monday, mate.

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