Tale of Two Stories

It was a tale of two stories yesterday for me. One of my strategies which is my own creation gained 45 pips and I honestly believe I probably left behind 15 pips in the market, but that’s another story. My other strategy which uses an MA crossover as an alert gave me nightmares. I had 3 trades go to +10 (scalp is +15) and all reversed to losses. I moved my stop to breakeven on two of them but the 3rd moved so quickly I couldn’t move my stop in time. So the end result was a +30 day, still a nice gain but also a slightly frustrating one.

TUFXP was eerily quiet today with 5 or 6 potential setups but no actual trades that qualified. It’s been a fairly quiet start to November so far with TUFXP but there is still plenty of time ahead to make some good gains.

The NY breakout thread is really picking up pace and it’s good to see so many ideas being thrown about trying to find the optimum strategy. I’ll be making a small modification to my own version of NY breakout in the next few days.

Only a short one today as I’ve got a lot to pack in today before I knock off for the afternoon as it’s Veteran’s Day in the US.


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