All Good Things..

Well it had to end some time and today was the day. I got off to a good start with a quick 35 pips on the strong GU move upwards using my TUFXP method. Shortly afterwards, EJ gave a signal to go long. After it got pushed back down from 135.04, I thought we’d struggle to break it. It was struggling all day Friday to break it and it only disappeared when the NFP release sent it way down. So left with a tedious long, it then threw up a short signal. At this point it was becoming clear EJ was getting severely stuck in a rut and I’ve always been aware that my TUFXP is at it’s weakest in a ranging market, it seems to constantly throw up conflicting signals. Anyway, the short qualified in time and for a brief moment, a clean move downwards looked likely. However, being the toad that EJ has become of late for me, it decided to play silly beggars and mess me around. Some boring hrs later, the end result was two losers on EJ for 25 pips each leaving me down 15 pips on the day.

A loss is frustrating after having a good start and it is highly annoying but I cannot expect to win everyday and if a 15 pip loss is the end of my winning streak, it’s an easy one to take on the chin. I’ll be taking Wednesday afternoon off as it’s Veteran’s Day in the US of A and hopefully it’ll give me a chance to get out during the week, sitting behind several screens 5 days a week isn’t exactly a get fit quick scheme! I’m always trying to make sure I get some exercise in during the week to help me keep focused and alert. It sounds a load of nonsense but I’ve found if I don’t do any exercise and eat poorly, my energy levels just go through the floor and leave me feeling very flat.

Anyway, let’s hope tomorrow sees a return to winning ways..

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