The Oracle

Today was always going to be an interesting day with the potential US unemployment rates rising above 10% for the first time since the 1980’s. During the morning and early part of the London session, things were very, very slow. A lot of sideways movement in anticipation of the NFP release. Whilst watching a sideways market is incredibly boring, I do have a strategy that I personally think works best in a tight market. I’ve only told a select few about this method but I’ve been live testing it for over 4 weeks now and the results are nothing short of staggering. It is simplicity in itself and is as simple as a strategy can get. I haven’t re-invented the wheel by any stretch but I have made myself a very decent strategy which is so far going like the clappers.

I ended up hedging my usual pair, EURJPY, and my own personal thoughts were it would go short as I felt NFP would miss it’s expectation and I felt -200k was a more realistic target. However, I am by no means a fundamentalist and my safest option is to always have both options open. I set my TP to just above the daily R1 and I managed to close out the news trade for +100.

It’s been a crazy week with all the major news releases providing plenty of opportunity for profiting and I’m glad I was able to cash in on a few of those chances. Next week is a quiet one, economic wise and I’ll be focusing on my TUFXP method and my other two strategies to bring home the pips.

Speaking of TUFXP, the creator, Keith Cotterill, has released his new strategy! He’s made his usual sales pitch on a dedicated website and he claims of wonderful things and free trials etc etc. It’s slightly funny that it’s nothing to do with TUFXP and it begs the question why there has never been an official strategy for TUFXP. Anyway, safe to say I will not be purchasing anything from KC as I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with the after sales support, lack of answers and general tardiness from the team at TUFXP. Do I regret buying TUFXP? Not in the slightest as I’m making it work for me but I know of many people who have given up and sold their copies 2nd hand.

Looking forward to a nice weekend and recharging ready for a fresh week.

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